Zalora Expands Fulfillment Hub to Enhance Stock Management and Customer Experience

Zalora Group, the leading online fashion platform, has recently completed the expansion of its fulfillment hub, aimed at strengthening its centralised stock management and improving the efficiency of its delivery systems. The expansion, which required an investment of RM15 million, enables Zalora to accommodate the increasing stock volumes from a wide range of popular brands.

With over 3,000 brand partners, including renowned names like Nike, Puma, and H&M, Zalora is committed to providing a seamless customer journey from purchase to delivery. The expanded fulfillment hub now spans an impressive 700,000 square feet, allowing it to handle up to seven million items.

Vykintas Mineikis, the senior regional operations director of Zalora, emphasizes the importance of an upgraded e-fulfillment hub in strengthening brands’ online presence and ensuring customer satisfaction. “This is key to deepening consumer engagement and building long-term connections, which ultimately enhances brand perception and loyalty,” Mineikis stated.

Zalora is continuously developing technology to enhance its logistical system and internal processes, ensuring fast order fulfillment and building trust with its regular customers. Additionally, the platform supports various payment methods, including cash on delivery, to cater to diverse consumer preferences.

Zalora takes pride in its exceptional order fulfillment record, with 98% of orders placed in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, and Taiwan delivered within the specified timeframe. The company’s contribution to Malaysia’s e-commerce industry aligns with national goals, targeting a market size of RM1.65 trillion by 2025. Moreover, Zalora holds the distinction of being Malaysia’s first fashion trader to be granted authorized economic operator (AEO) status, further cementing its position as a trusted e-retailer.

In line with Global Fashion Group’s global strategy for sustainability, Zalora is actively exploring sustainable approaches. In 2022, the company achieved a notable 33% reduction in its overall carbon footprint, aligning with its commitment to becoming people and planet positive by 2030.

Zalora’s expansion of its fulfillment hub underscores its dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences, supporting brand growth, and contributing to the advancement of Malaysia’s e-commerce industry. By continually investing in technology and sustainable practices, Zalora aims to remain at the forefront of the fashion e-commerce landscape, offering customers a seamless and eco-friendly shopping experience.

30 May 2023

Author: Terry KS

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