Mastercard and CrescentRating Release Inaugural Muslim-Friendly Cruise Report 2024

Mastercard and CrescentRating release the inaugural Muslim-Friendly Cruise Report 2024, highlighting the significant growth of Muslim cruise passengers and providing valuable insights into booking preferences, budget allocations, cruise durations, and payment methods within the Muslim traveler segment.

19 February 2024 – Mastercard and CrescentRating have unveiled the first-ever Muslim-Friendly Cruise Report 2024, marking the latest addition to their decade-long partnership exploring various aspects of Muslim travel, lifestyle, and consumer behavior. The report, part of a series of 25 collaborations, delves into the burgeoning Muslim demographic within the global cruise market, which saw a significant uptick in passenger numbers surpassing pre-pandemic levels in 2023.

As travel rebounds globally, the cruise market has experienced a notable resurgence, particularly in Asia Pacific, with the Muslim demographic emerging as one of the fastest-growing segments. The report estimates that there were 1 million Muslim cruise passengers in 2023, a figure projected to surge to 2.8 million by 2027. By offering comprehensive data and insights, the Muslim-Friendly Cruise Report 2024 equips cruise operators and related sectors with the knowledge needed to effectively cater to the evolving needs of Muslim travelers.

Key findings from the report include the significant growth of Muslim cruise passengers in ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, with an 8% increase between 2019 and 2023, indicating a rising interest in cruise holidays among the region’s Muslim community. Additionally, the report highlights preferences in booking methods, budget allocations, cruise durations, and payment methods, emphasizing the importance of catering to diverse preferences within the Muslim traveler segment.

Passenger preferences reveal a strong inclination towards digital booking platforms, with a majority opting to book directly through cruise operators’ websites. Furthermore, there is a notable trend towards shorter cruise durations, with many passengers seeking immersive experiences without the commitment of an extended vacation. Flexible payment methods, including debit/credit cards, cash, E-Wallets, QR Code Payments, and Mobile Payments, are crucial in enhancing the overall cruise experience, underscoring the importance for operators to offer secure and convenient payment options.

The Muslim-Friendly Cruise Report 2024 provides valuable insights for stakeholders within the cruise industry, facilitating strategic decision-making to better accommodate the diverse needs of Muslim travelers and capitalize on the growing demand within this segment.

Author: Terry KS

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