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We welcome your press releases that enrich the content of our site and allow you to inform others who are interested to know and have exposure in the industry. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Press releases in Chinese are preferred.
  • Please send us your press release by email.
  • Please include all your contact details in the press release, including the name and contact details of a company representative.
  • Please take a moment to consider if your press release falls within the topics covered by VSDaily.
  • Please keep in mind that VSDaily is an independent publisher and wishes to present unbiased news. We will therefore usually adapt your press release. Our editorial team strives to write a concise, unbiased and informative news item based on your release and our own research. We will not write in a negative tone.
  • The VSDaily editorial team will consider all press releases, but we maintain the right to decline.
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