Xsolla and Curine Ventures Launch Xsolla Curine Academy in Malaysia to Nurture Game Development Talent

Xsolla and Curine Ventures launch the Xsolla Curine Academy (XCA) in Malaysia, offering industry-aligned programs to empower aspiring game developers. With a focus on fostering talent, innovation, and collaboration, XCA aims to position Malaysia as a global hub for gaming excellence, supported by initiatives from the Ministry of Digital and MDEC.

19 April 2024 – Xsolla, Inc, a global leader in video game commerce, has joined forces with Curine Ventures to unveil the Xsolla Curine Academy (XCA) in KL Eco City, Malaysia. The academy, inaugurated on Thursday, aims to empower aspiring game developers with comprehensive industry-aligned programs, offering diverse courses ranging from one to twelve months.

XCA’s curriculum encompasses essential competencies essential for a successful career in game development, covering areas such as communication practices within the gaming industry, indie game design, computer graphic art, game strategy, and intellectual property (IP) incubation. Through practical, hands-on learning experiences, participants will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the competitive landscape of the game development business.

Speaking at the launch, Minister of Digital, Gobind Singh Deo, emphasized the significant economic potential of the gaming industry, highlighting its projected growth and contribution to high-income job creation in Malaysia. As the industry evolves, challenges such as commercialization, IP protection, and market navigation need addressing, with the Ministry of Digital committed to supporting initiatives like XCA.

The establishment of XCA marks a pivotal milestone in Malaysia’s gaming landscape, providing a dynamic platform for aspiring game developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to innovate and thrive. Through collaborations with industry players and initiatives like XCA, Malaysia aims to position itself as a global hub for gaming innovation, fostering creativity and attracting international collaboration and investment.

Mahadhir Aziz, CEO of MDEC, emphasized the academy’s role in nurturing talent and fostering collaboration to propel the gaming industry into a new era of excellence. With a vision to empower 1,000 game industry specialists over the next five years, MDEC aims to foster innovation, creativity, and sustainability in Malaysia’s digital economy.

In alignment with Malaysia’s aspirations, XCA aims to create a vibrant ecosystem for game development, attracting international companies and talent while nurturing local capabilities. Through collaborations with industry partners, investment clubs, and accelerators, XCA seeks to nurture gaming talent and foster an ecosystem ripe for innovation.

As Malaysia embraces its role as a global player in the gaming industry, initiatives like XCA underscore the nation’s commitment to fostering talent, driving innovation, and shaping the future of gaming on a global scale. – ref: The Edge

Author: Terry KS

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