XOX Mobile Rings In Green CSR Project With Zoo Negara

13 July 2016: Twenty-five volunteers from XOX Berhad got to know the life of a zookeeper first hand during the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme with Zoo Negara Malaysia.

The XOX Green Project, provided an opportunity for the company’s staff and their family members to contribute to the preservation and conservation of the environment and towards the protection of wildlife. Specifically, it was for them to become more aware of wildlife and to get involved in animal behavioural enrichment activities.

Through this project, adventurous, nature and animal loving employees of Malaysia’s first Mobile Virtual Network Operator, got their hands dirty cleaning up after animals, tending to greenery, preparing food, and most fun of all, providing enrichment activities for their animal charges, for one day.

“Many organisations ‘go green’ by cutting down paper usage, using solar power for some of their energy needs or removing harmful chemicals from parts of their supply chain. These are excellent but for staff, some of the big initiatives may not be felt on a personal level. This is why for XOX we want our people to experience it from the standpoint of the creatures most in need of concerted global efforts in sustainability, conservation and preservation. Project Green is our way to drive home the need for sustainability on the individual level,” said XOX Berhad Group Managing Director, Datuk’ Eddie Chai.

Zoo Negara started the wildlife sponsorship program and donation since 14th of May 1981. Awareness on the conservation of the nature should be implied on each and every single person as their top priority. This is to ensure the future is in safe hands. The main goal of the programme was to get the public both individual and group to pool their resources either in cash and/or in kind to help fund the running and husbandry care of the endangered animals of their choice in the zoo.


We see ourselves as trustees of nature, meanwhile our mission is to fulfil this task across the generations. The conservation of species and transmission of knowledge and its awareness are central to our work here.

XOX MOBILE also strived to extend contributions to Zoo Negara Malaysia by donating 10 units of bicycles and 10 units of wheelbarrows which ease Zoo Negara Malaysia’s team on their daily care for the animal and hopefully Zoo Negara Malaysia may continue their effort to be one of the world’s premier zoological park and aquaria.

Author: Terry KS

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