Xiaomi’s Visionary Leap: ‘Grow with Xiaomi’ Strategy Unveiled at MIPC Singapore 2024 for Global Internet Services

Xiaomi’s MIPC Singapore 2024 marked a visionary leap, unveiling the ‘Grow with Xiaomi’ strategy to create a global ecosystem for app and game distribution, content delivery, user growth, and monetization services. The conference showcased Xiaomi’s global expansion and innovations in various internet services, highlighting the company’s significant growth potential.

2 November 2023 – The Xiaomi Internet Partner Conference (MIPC Singapore 2024) recently concluded its successful proceedings in Singapore, drawing over 300 esteemed partners and developers from more than 30 countries. The event marked a significant moment in the technology world, featuring the unveiling of Xiaomi’s 2024 International Internet Partner Growth Strategy, titled ‘Grow with Xiaomi,’ spearheaded by Ms. Liu Chan, General Manager of Xiaomi Internet Business Department.

Under the banner of ‘Grow with Xiaomi,’ the strategy leverages Xiaomi’s core competencies as a smartphone manufacturer to create a thriving global ecosystem for app and game distribution, content delivery, user growth, and monetization services. The ultimate aim is to offer users an exceptional mobile internet service experience.

The conference saw Xiaomi’s international Internet business team deliver comprehensive presentations on the company’s global internet services, encompassing key areas like app and game distribution, game publishing, content services, user growth, monetization, and payment solutions. Xiaomi unveiled three core services at the event, namely “Global IAP Games Joint Operation,” “Instant Web,” and the “Columbus Monetization Platform,” all of which received enthusiastic applause from attendees.

In the realm of apps and games distribution, Xiaomi’s official app store, GetApps, has expanded its reach to over 60 global markets, boasting a monthly active user base exceeding 260 million. GetApps introduced innovative features and services supporting app and game distribution through short videos and an AI-powered app recommendation assistant. The conference witnessed the introduction of the “Global IAP Games Joint Operation” service, aimed at helping developers acquire high-value users and rapid revenue growth with minimal customer acquisition costs.

For content distribution, Xiaomi has established an extensive content service ecosystem spanning multiple devices, offering diverse content through various touch points. Noteworthy is Xiaomi’s proprietary web acceleration framework, “Instant Web,” capable of boosting webpage loading speeds by a factor of eight, achieving nearly instantaneous loading times.

In terms of monetization, Xiaomi’s user growth platform capitalizes on its on-device capabilities to deliver high ROI solutions. The Columbus Monetization Platform, introduced at the conference, supports flexible integration, diverse budget options, and real-time bidding to maximize commercial value for developers.

Xiaomi’s overseas Internet business has exhibited significant growth potential, with its revenue from internet services reaching a historical high in Q2 2023, according to Xiaomi Corporation’s quarterly results. Overseas Internet revenue accounted for 26.8% of the overall Internet revenue, and the company continues to focus on creating value for its ecosystem of users, partners, and suppliers.

Ms. Liu Chan, General Manager of Xiaomi Internet Business Department, emphasized the importance of collective engagement to ensure the success of the entire internet ecosystem and expressed the company’s commitment to deepening collaborations with partners to enhance mobile internet and digital technology for society.

Author: Terry KS

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