VMware Strengthens Data Sovereignty Solutions with 22 Sovereign Cloud Partners in APJ Region

VMware has expanded its Sovereign Cloud ecosystem to include 22 partners in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region, responding to the increasing demand for data sovereignty and privacy. As organizations prioritize data security and sovereignty, VMware’s initiative aims to provide advanced solutions for a more secure and resilient infrastructure in an era of growing digital transformation.

28 September 2023 – As global economies and businesses continue to intertwine, the complexities surrounding data and privacy have surged to unprecedented levels. In response to these challenges, VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW) has forged a network of 22 VMware Sovereign Cloud partners across the Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) region. This strategic initiative spans key countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand, offering sovereign cloud capabilities to meet the evolving data protection needs of customers.

A recent survey conducted by IDC highlights the increasing importance placed on cloud solutions that afford complete jurisdictional control and authority over data. Sixty-three percent of respondents emphasized the significance of data transparency, visibility, and stringent data residency controls. In light of the ever-expanding cloud landscape, organizations seek support in navigating the intricacies of multi-cloud journeys. As digital transformation deepens reliance on data, countries across Asia are intensifying efforts to formulate robust data governance strategies and legislation focused on safeguarding privacy, protection, and security.

Sylvain Cazard, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan, VMware, underscored the company’s commitment to enhancing data security and sovereignty. He affirmed VMware’s dedication to empowering customers with cutting-edge solutions that fortify data protection, compliance, and control, creating a more trusted environment conducive to thriving in today’s digital landscape.

Building on the success of the inaugural event held in November the previous year, the Sovereign Cloud Summit makes a return at VMware Explore 2023 Singapore. Serving as a thought leadership platform, the summit convenes policy makers, analysts, infrastructure leaders, data strategists, risk and compliance experts, and technology providers. It fosters discussions around Digital & Data Sovereignty and delves into strategies and challenges associated with Sovereign Clouds, Data Classification, and Management.

Partners such as Lintasarta Cloudeka, Cloud HM, NCS Pte Ltd, Dialog, Integrated Global Solutions, and Advanced Wireless Network Pvt. Ltd were actively engaged in the event, among others.

To illustrate the value of VMware’s Sovereign Cloud Partnership across diverse industries and geographical regions, VMware partners shared their perspectives:

Richard Adams, CEO of CCL, expressed pride in joining the VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative, emphasizing their commitment to sovereign IT capability and their extensive experience supporting New Zealand’s major public sector organizations. CCL’s objective is to assist New Zealand organizations in selecting the most suitable cloud platform, whether it involves on-premise, private, or public cloud solutions.

Darren Hopper, Associate Director – Cloud at Datacom, highlighted their support for a hybrid cloud approach that enables organizations to store data across multiple clouds based on their unique requirements. Through their partnership with VMware, Datacom provides a robust sovereign cloud offering in Australia and New Zealand, catering to organizations with local data storage needs.

Jonathan Staff, Head of Private Cloud at Macquarie Cloud Services, emphasized the significance of data sovereignty in the context of Australian businesses and government agencies preparing for a new Cyber Security Strategy. VMware’s understanding of this need aligns well with Macquarie Cloud Services’ government-certified sovereignty at both the cloud and data center levels, forming a vital aspect of their successful partnership.

Author: Terry KS

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