VMware Drives Future-forward Transformation of Southeast Asia’s Workforce, Accelerating Enterprise Innovation and Growth

22 April 2021 (MY) – Leading organizations in Southeast Asia are embracing comprehensive workforce transformation to become anywhere enterprises that are more resilient, competitive, and well-positioned for growth in the region’s increasingly distributed environment. To support this, VMware (NYSE: VMW) is announcing VMware Anywhere Workspace, a holistic solution designed that enables the distributed workforce to work seamlessly and more securely anywhere to drive greater innovation and business outcomes in the new world of work.

As economies in Southeast Asia recover from the impact of the pandemic and gear up for growth in a new distributed environment, an estimated 50 million jobs could switch to remote work over the next few years. This presents organizations with an opportunity to not only support remote work, but also take the lead in shaping the future of the Southeast Asian workforce to accelerate growth. With 78% of Southeast Asian consumers defining themselves as “digitally curious” or “digital explorers” who look forward to more digital experiences, the time is ripe for holistic workforce transformation that will enable organizations to conduct business in entirely new ways, guaranteeing continuous innovation, security and growth in a distributed future.

“Innovation, agility and resiliency have been key to the recovery of Southeast Asian businesses as they navigated the complexities of the pandemic environment the year before. With an eye on securing long term success and accelerating growth in the new world of work, businesses must re-think how their workforce can harness technology to better innovate and collaborate in this digital-first environment,” said Sanjay K. Deshmukh, vice president and managing director, Southeast Asia and Korea, VMware. “VMware is committed to enabling organizations to thrive as the future of work continues to evolve in Southeast Asia. VMware Anywhere Workspace will play a key role in helping organizations with this new way of working to create stronger, more focused, and more resilient businesses.”

Three enablers of success in the future of work

VMware Anywhere Workspace empowers today’s anywhere workforce with a holistic approach combining innovative digital workspace, endpoint security and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technologies, working harmoniously across any application on any cloud to anywhere. This creates better experiences and more effective security with less cost and operational overhead.

VMware Anywhere Workspace sets the foundation and a vision for how to enable the future of work through three critical areas:

  • Manage multi-modal employee experience anywhere so employees can work smarter and be more productive. It gives them access to a great user experience and consistent performance on any device, from any location, over any network. Plus, it improves the way in which IT can deliver services to users.
  • Secure the distributed edge with broader and more effective security. This lets any user access any app from any device. VMware’s Zero Trust approach combines network security to the edge with endpoint security and management.
  • Automate the workspace so that IT is not only more simple, responsive, and efficient, but more modern too. This lets businesses focus on the outcomes they want instead of the tasks they need to do. All powered by intelligent management of workflows, compliance, and performance.

A holistic approach that powers the future of innovation in a distributed environment

VMware Anywhere Workspace brings together the benefits of three innovative solutions:

  • VMware Workspace ONE provides unified endpoint management, desktop and app virtualization, and a variety of employee experience, productivity, and security related solutions.
  • VMware Carbon Black brings cloud-native endpoint protection and workload protection.
  • VMware SASE will combine SD-WAN capabilities with cloud-delivered security functions, including cloud web security, zero trust network access, and firewalling. These capabilities will be delivered as-a-service from a global network of points of presence (PoPs).

VMware Anywhere Workspace

VMware Anywhere Workspace features integration points between the solutions, with more planned over time. For example:

  • Carbon Black Cloud and Workspace ONE integrate to bring physical and virtual endpoint management and security capabilities together.
  • Workspace ONE and SASE services (VMware SD-WAN, Work from Home networking, VMware Secure Access) integrate to deliver zero trust network access (ZTNA) over globally deployed POPs.

AMTI is a technology solutions and systems provider based in the Philippines. Josefino Paloma, executive vice president and general manager for ICT Solutions and Geo-Expansions, said, “Our work-from-home program began two years ago to address the worsening traffic in metro Manila. COVID accelerated this initiative and Anywhere Workspace technologies enabled us to deliver a productive work environment for our employees. We will never go back to having everyone work from the office and Anywhere Workspace technologies will play a critical role in supporting a hybrid workforce.”

“A truly hybrid workforce is one that is enabled to work in any location, across any network and device, and with no trade-offs when it comes to employee productivity. However, delivering against this ideal has proven challenging for businesses that often rely on a complex set of legacy security practices and technologies,” said Adam Holtby, Principal Analyst, Omdia. “New security, management, and employee productivity solutions and practices are needed if businesses are to optimally enable and secure a more hybrid, anywhere workforce. This value proposition is at the core of VMware’s new solution, and it is one that has great potential to help the vendor become an important partner for businesses looking to embrace the Future of Work.”

Author: Terry KS

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