VMware Celebrates Tech Innovators and Heroes at Explore 2023 Singapore

VMware has honored pioneering companies with its Customer Achievement Awards, recognizing outstanding technology innovation and transformation at the VMware Explore 2023 Singapore event. These awards commend companies across Asia for their exceptional contributions to modernization, innovation, and commitment to shaping the technology ecosystem.

28 September 2023 – VMware, a leading enterprise software innovator listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol VMW, has recognized outstanding achievements in technology innovation and transformation by announcing the winners of its esteemed Customer Achievement Awards. These awards celebrate companies that have harnessed VMware services and technology to drive exceptional progress and advancement. The accolades were unveiled at the VMware Explore 2023 Singapore event, where visionaries were applauded for their contributions to technology advancement and their unwavering dedication to shaping the broader technology ecosystem.

Asia stands as a diverse and rapidly evolving business landscape, making it a captivating region for companies striving to expand and thrive. Recent research by IDC predicts that digital spending in the Asia-Pacific region will reach an impressive $1.05 trillion by 2026, underscoring the continued focus on digital transformation despite economic uncertainties, driving organizations toward newfound competitive advantages.

The VMware Customer Achievement Awards were divided into two overarching categories: Innovators and Heroes. Innovators are recognized for fundamentally revolutionizing their businesses through technological shifts, delivering exceptional value to both customers and employees as they progress in their VMware journeys. Heroes, on the other hand, lead the way in embracing new technologies and act for the greater good, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Here are the notable winners in each category:


  1. Modern Apps InnovatorPSA Corporation: PSA Singapore, the world’s largest transshipment hub, expertly managing 37 million twenty-foot equivalent units of containers in 2022, modernized its digital infrastructure to meet high demand and stay competitive. Leveraging VMware solutions, including VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Tanzu Application services, PSA increased modernization velocity, platform stability, and accelerated innovation.
  2. Cloud Infrastructure InnovatorKasikorn Bank: Kasikorn Business-Technology Group (KBTG), the IT operations arm of Kasikornbank, embarked on a journey to streamline infrastructure delivery. By adopting an automated, software-defined approach, KBTG reduced turnaround times from weeks to hours, inspiring collaboration between developers and operational teams.
  3. Hybrid Workforce InnovatorNio Co. Ltd: NIO, a prominent electric vehicle developer in China’s competitive EV industry, sought to provide excellent customer experiences through a modern, anywhere workspace platform. This innovative solution was swiftly deployed across thousands of devices, facilitating connectivity and growth.


  1. Weathering the Change HeroNEC Corporation: NEC’s commitment to digital transformation led to a unique approach. Instead of an immediate shift to a cloud-native architecture, NEC first lifted many systems to the cloud, reducing migration costs by 91% and operational costs by 19%. This approach provided insights for future cloud migrations and enhanced customer support.
  2. Customer Experience HeroJapan Post Co. Ltd: Japan Post’s digital transformation included upgrading hand terminals to Android smartphones and remotely managing 145,000 devices in an “anywhere workspace” solution. This responsive environment improved efficiency, streamlined IT management, and reduced costs.
  3. Hero for GoodUnion Bank of India: Union Bank of India, the fourth-largest public sector bank in the country, garnered recognition for its pioneering IT initiatives and commitment to customer-centric banking. VMware’s expertise played a pivotal role in integrating diverse IT environments and propelling the bank towards a digital-ready future.

Sylvain Cazard, Senior Vice President and General Manager Asia-Pacific and Japan at VMware, expressed his congratulations to the winners, emphasizing VMware’s pride in being part of their achievements and ongoing success. These awards underscore VMware’s dedication to partnering with organizations leading the way in technological excellence and business transformation.

The VMware Customer Achievement Awards for 2023 were conducted in collaboration with TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and involved a thorough evaluation process by a judging committee comprising VMware executives, ESG analysts, and TechTarget Editors. These awards are a testament to the impactful contributions of companies leveraging VMware’s cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and transformation.

Author: Terry KS

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