Visa survey reveals global travellers plan to increase their travel budget in future

According to Visa’s latest Global Travel Intentions Study 2013 among 12,631 travellers from 25 countries, the average global travel budget of RM7,257.24 (US$2,390) per trip is set to increase to RM7,594.29 (US$2,501). The survey shows top spenders abroad in the past were the Saudi Arabians, spending an average of RM20,244.61 (US$6,666) per trip followed by Australian – RM12,506.36 (US$4,118) and Chinese travellers – RM11,613.48 (US$3,824).

The survey forecasted that future travel budget will 46 per cent due to the travellers from Asian markets especially Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong all plan to at least double the budget of their last trip in the future.

Author: Terry KS

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