Vietnam’s Peacesoft teams up with Visa’s CyberSource

The pioneer and leading e-commerce company in Vietnam, PeaceSoft signed a partnership agreement with CyberSource, a Visa company in fraud prevention for online payment. Under this partnership, Peacesoft is able to gain access to world’s largest fraud detection radar provided by CyberSource, to make its e-commerce platform including with more accurate and efficient fraud detection ability. is an electronic wallet (e-wallet) as well as Vietnam’s largest online payment and escrow platforms for domestic and cross-border e-commerce transaction owned by PeaceSoft. Peacesoft has integrated with CyberSource’s Tokenization service, which allows its members are able to link their credit or debit cards to their e-wallet accounts and make purchases online without disclosing sensitive payment data. The CyberSource Tokenization service allows to operate with payment tokens instead of raw payment data, thereby diminishing the risk of storing and handling sensitive customer payment details while helping their members enjoy the convenience of online shopping.

PeaceSoft is adopting CyberSource’s Decision Manager that enables its merchants to get more data about an inbound order by comparing it to data and correlations generated from the over 60 billion transactions that Visa and CyberSource process annually. Using the CyberSource system and this broad set of correlated data, merchants are able to run over 250 global validation tests, including device fingerprinting, on the inbound order, in less than two seconds. Decision Manager also provides merchants a highly customizable case management system, and reporting and analytics to provide greater visibility over the fraud management process.

by Alice Lee

Author: Terry KS

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