Veeva Systems Achieves Milestones with Vault CRM for Life Sciences: First Customer Secured and Broad Launch Set for 2024

Veeva Systems has reached key milestones with its Vault CRM for the life sciences sector, securing its first customer, Biotech, which plans to deploy the platform’s services in Q4 2023. Vault CRM is set to launch broadly by April 2024, demonstrating Veeva’s dedication to the industry’s evolving CRM requirements.

29 August 2023 – Veeva Systems has achieved significant milestones following the introduction of Vault CRM, the advanced customer relationship management (CRM) solution tailored for the life sciences sector. Biotech, a pioneering name in innovative oncology research, has become the first customer to adopt Vault CRM, with plans to initiate services based on the platform in the fourth quarter of 2023. Vault CRM is set to be generally available by April 2024.

Tom Schwenger, Veeva President and COO, expressed his satisfaction with the progress the Veeva product team has made since the introduction of Vault CRM a year ago. The upcoming utilization by the first customer in Q4 2019 is a pivotal step in envisioning the future of CRM designed specifically for the dynamic life sciences industry.

Vault CRM, built on the robust Veeva Vault Platform catering to the unique requirements of the life sciences field, establishes itself as the leading CRM solution. It offers all the attributes of the existing Veeva CRM, along with new omnichannel capabilities. The inclusion of Vault CRM Service Center as part of Vault CRM brings no-cost call center capabilities, aiding both internal sales teams and hybrid sales representatives in providing service-focused engagement required for complex therapies.

The general availability of Vault CRM is planned for April 2024 and will be offered as a standard product for all prospective customers. Veeva CRM solutions, currently built on the Salesforce platform, will transition to safety mode after the final feature release in December 2023. This approach will minimize future feature changes and concentrate on facilitating a smooth transition for existing Veeva CRM customers to Vault CRM. During safety mode, Veeva CRM releases will address critical defects, compliance, platform compatibility, security updates, and more. Veeva will provide support for Veeva CRM through September 2030.

This series of achievements underscores Veeva’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the life sciences industry and ensuring seamless transitions for its customers.

Author: Terry KS

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