Twitter to Share Ad Revenue with Eligible Content Creators

Twitter has announced that it will share ad revenue with select content creators on its platform. Eligible creators, who meet specific criteria such as being verified users with a high number of impressions, will receive a portion of the revenue generated from ads displayed in their replies. This initiative is part of Twitter’s efforts to attract and support content creators and follows its introduction of paid subscriptions earlier this year.

14 July 2023 – Twitter announced on Thursday that select content creators on its platform will have the opportunity to earn a portion of the advertising revenue generated by the company. These creators will receive a share of the revenue from ads displayed in their replies, provided they meet certain criteria, such as being verified users with a minimum of 5 million impressions on their posts each month for the past three months and having a Stripe payment account.

By offering a share of ad revenue, Twitter aims to attract more content creators to its platform. Earlier this year, the company introduced the option for users to offer paid subscriptions for their content, and Elon Musk, the billionaire who acquired Twitter in October 2022, has previously stated that the company will pass on the entire subscription revenue to creators in the first year, excluding payment gateway charges.

This move by Twitter demonstrates its commitment to supporting and incentivizing content creators, as the platform seeks to provide more monetization opportunities and further enhance its appeal to users.

Author: Terry KS

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