Treasure Global Announces Exclusive Partnership with enogy, Expanding Health and Wellness Products on Zstore

Treasure Global Inc (NASDAQ: TGL), a leading technology solutions provider for the F&B industry, has revealed an exclusive partnership with enogy, a renowned health and wellness brand. This collaboration aims to diversify the product offerings on Treasure Global’s e-commerce marketplace, Zstore, catering to the ever-growing health and wellness industry.

As part of this strategic alliance, enogy products will be exclusively available on the Zstore marketplace within the ZCITY app, which serves as a digital entrepreneurship platform. Moreover, Treasure Global plans to leverage its expanding database of Zmembers to promote enogy products, employing a blend of traditional and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to effectively target ZCITY users.

Through ZCITY’s AI technology, Treasure Global will personalize the app’s product selection based on consumers’ preferences and spending habits. This partnership with enogy, along with other affiliate partners, will create an additional revenue stream for the ZCITY app, contributing to Treasure Global’s revenue growth and bolstering its brand presence as it expands not only in Malaysia but also across other regions.

Sam Teo, Chief Executive Officer of Treasure Global, stated, “Our partnership with enogy will significantly broaden the range of health and wellness products available to our customers, making ZCITY even more appealing to those seeking to enhance their well-being. By aligning with enogy’s existing international reach in China and their expansion plans in Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan, we can further increase the exposure of Zstore and the ZCITY app.” He emphasized the strong demand for high-quality health and wellness products, citing the rapidly growing market for vitamins and minerals in Malaysia, projected to reach an estimated $193.4 million by 2027. Additionally, Teo highlighted the Asian-Pacific region as the world’s largest wellness market, currently valued at $1.5 trillion, with strong momentum for further growth.

enogy, already available in Hong Kong and mainland China (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Dongbei) markets, has plans to expand into Indonesia next, followed by South Korea and Japan. Their first product to be launched on Zstore is the “Mix Blueberry Powder & Astaxanthin,” the result of a decade of research and development. This health product combines blueberries and Astaxanthin, known to be 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C, as a powerful antioxidant that stimulates immune reactions. The superfoods present in this product offer a wide range of benefits, including enhanced vision, strengthened immunity, anti-aging properties, improved skin, and overall well-being.

Furthermore, enogy is set to introduce its second product, S3, tailored to the needs of the fitness industry. S3 is a cutting-edge product designed to assist individuals in achieving their fitness goals and leading healthy, active lifestyles. enogy plans to launch S3 in the third quarter of 2023 and will concurrently promote it in Hong Kong and China. With the addition of S3 to its product line, enogy is poised for continued growth and success within the health and wellness sector.

16 May 2023

Author: Terry KS

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