Top 10 Apps and Software for New Businesses

Dec 24, 2013 (Tue): More and more applications continue to get released that can improve the efficiency of our businesses, so it is important that we know which ones that can help us the most. New businesses can always use as much help as possible, so let’s take a look at 10 applications that we could all use.

1. Google Drive

This is an important tool that can be used to store information and retrieve it on any type of PC or mobile device. It is a fully-featured office suite and can also be used as a fully functional cloud drive that allows you to save any type of file and have it accessible to any other type of device. You can use this tool for free and get up to 5GB of storage space.

2. Bump

Physical business cards are a thing of the past. Bump is an app that was started in 2008 that allows two users to “bump” phones or phone to PC and transfer photos, information, and files. The application has over 30 million downloads and has proven to be extremely helpful when you need to provide something in a fast and effective way. Bump has been known to be the way to provide virtual business cards because if you meet someone you can easily just “bump” them and they have all the information they need about you.

3. Expensify

A very useful application that allows easy expense management for anyone. They can keep track of any business expenses, upload receipts, and even submit reports to their employers. This application can be a great way to keep track of what you spend and what your employees spend. As a newer application, it has been considered extremely successful and has millions of users.

4. QuickBooks Premier Edition 2013

Although this software can cost a good amount of money, it can be worth it for any businesses that wants a great accounting program. There are plenty of different benefits and features that come along with this program that you will be able to use to enhance your accounting efforts. If your business is still new and doesn’t require a lot of accounting, then this might be a bit much, but if you plan on having a complicated accounting process, then Quickbook can be an essential tool.

5. Evernote

Ever had a million dollar idea, only to forget it a few hours later? Well this useful app allows you to remember everything. You are able to save text, voice, photos, and more so that no matter what, you won’t forget anything. It is a great way to keep up on everything you need to do and can be used in many different ways.

6. LocalVox

This is a great application that lets your business post content, news, event information, and plenty more to multiple different websites and social media outlets. It will send out the information at the press of a button and it also automatically search engine optimizes the links to help rank you higher.

7. Asana

Considered to be an information manager, it can be used in many different ways. You will be able to manage work projects, personal projects, and even set up events. It is considered to have a very easy interface to use and is used by all types of businesses.

8. Square

This is an incredible way to make transactions go through much smoother for your business. Square is a payment processing application that just takes a 2.75% fee from what is being processed. It makes the transfer of funds much easier and has gained popularity since its release in 2010.

9. InDinero

Another application that will make keeping track of day to day finances much easier. As a new business, you might not realize how much your spending on all of the necessities, so make sure to keep track of everything by using this application. What makes this application stand out is the fact that i can sync up with your bank accounts and credit cards to help predict future cash flow issues using spending trends from the past.

10. Microsoft SkyDrive

This is a web storage application that allows you to transfer files and keep what you need safe. It offers many different benefits and features other than its storage abilities, such as being able to just view, play, or listen to media directly from the drive.

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Author: Terry KS

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