TikTok Shop Malaysia Launches Exclusive TikTok Shop Mall for Premium Shopping Experience

TikTok Shop Malaysia introduces TikTok Shop Mall, an exclusive channel offering over 600 local and international brands for Malaysian shoppers. This curated marketplace ensures authenticity, reliable customer service, and exclusive benefits, emphasizing TikTok Shop’s commitment to supporting local SMEs. The platform provides a premium shopping experience with hassle-free returns, free shipping, and special vouchers. TikTok Shop Mall aims to empower sellers through enhanced brand visibility, dedicated customer service, and exclusive brand campaigns.

20 December 2023 – TikTok Shop Malaysia, a trusted e-commerce platform, has unveiled TikTok Shop Mall, an exclusive channel featuring over 600 local and international brands, accessible to Malaysian shoppers by invitation only. This curated marketplace guarantees authenticity, reliable customer service, and exclusive benefits, enhancing the overall shopping experience on TikTok Shop while supporting local SMEs.

TikTok Shop Mall, accessible as a tab feature on TikTok Shop, ensures quality and trust in the products offered by selected brands. It serves as a testament to TikTok Shop’s commitment to fostering the growth of SMEs and brands on the platform. Nur Azre Abdul Aziz, Acquisition Lead at TikTok Shop Malaysia, emphasized that TikTok Shop Mall provides an additional layer of authenticity for sellers and offers buyers the convenience of easily identifying and shopping from their favorite brands with confidence.

Consumers on TikTok Shop Mall enjoy a hassle-free 15-day return or refund policy, free shipping, and special Xtra Shipping Vouchers for their next purchase. Sellers are distinguished with the Distinguished Mall Label, providing enhanced brand visibility and dedicated customer service throughout the shopping journey. The platform empowers sellers through exclusive brand campaigns, additional visibility in the Shop Tab, and support in traffic exposure.

A diverse range of Malaysian brands, including Elgini, Dessini, SwissThomas by T, 70mai Malaysia Store, Habib Jewels, and Mydin, offer athleisurewear, cookware, car accessories, jewelry, and groceries. International favorites such as Maybelline, Pandora, Skechers, and JBL are also featured. Nur Azre highlighted that TikTok Shop Mall aims to create more marketing opportunities for brands, whether serving as an online arm for brick-and-mortar stores or a sole revenue stream for SMEs, providing limitless opportunities for growth. – ref: Malay Mail

Author: Terry KS

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