The Pulse of Global Shopping: Kaspersky Survey Reveals Secrets of Spontaneous Purchases During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

A Kaspersky-commissioned global survey reveals that 90% of consumers make spontaneous purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with social media influencers playing a crucial role in decision-making. Women, particularly aged 25 to 34, emerge as more dedicated super-sales shoppers, and the majority of respondents (69%) are willing to wait for these events to secure the best deals.

28 November 2023 – A recent global survey commissioned by Arlington Research for Kaspersky delves into consumer views and behaviors during major sales events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The study sheds light on the spontaneous nature of purchases, the impact of social media on buying decisions, and the significance of these events in consumers’ shopping calendars.

According to the Kaspersky survey, a staggering 90% of purchases occur spontaneously during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, underlining the impulsive nature of consumers during these high-profile sales events. Surprisingly, social media plays a substantial role, with 58% of respondents attempting to capitalize on special deals recommended by their favorite influencers and online bloggers.

The survey further indicates that women (22%) are more dedicated super-sales shoppers than men (17%), showcasing a trend of heightened enthusiasm among female consumers. Additionally, the majority of respondents (69%) express their willingness to wait for significant events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to secure the best deals.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, globally recognized sales extravaganzas, involve millions of shoppers worldwide. In 2022, Black Friday online sales witnessed a 3.5% increase, reaching $65.3 billion globally. The Holiday Season, as highlighted by a Salesforce survey, saw consumers spending a whopping $1.14 trillion online across the globe.

Survey results emphasize the irresistible allure of special offers during these events, with 90% of respondents succumbing to the temptation of spontaneous purchases. Bloggers, friends, and relatives exert a substantial influence, with 58% willing to make unplanned purchases based on blogger recommendations and 40% swayed by suggestions from friends or family members.

The survey identifies women, particularly those aged 25 to 34, as fervent super-sales shoppers, with 22% committing to spontaneous purchases during these events. Moreover, 71% of respondents express their readiness to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to secure the best deals.

Marina Titova, Vice-President, Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky, highlights the significance of online safety during these events. She emphasizes the importance of solutions like Kaspersky Premium, providing a reliable safeguard for online payments, protecting personal and financial information, and offering warnings against potential phishing sites.

As consumers gear up for another round of exciting shopping events, Kaspersky’s insights serve as a valuable guide, urging shoppers to stay vigilant and prioritize online safety.

Author: Terry KS

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