The influence of social media on a brand purchase

In the social media report 2012 published by Nielsen, the global information and measurement company revealed that social media’s influence on purchase intent is strong across all regions but strongest among online consumers in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East / Africa markets. 29 per cent in Asia-Pacific found use social media on a daily basis to learn more about brands, products or services.

In Asia-Pacific, 93 per cent of the online consumers use computer to access social networking sites, followed by mobile phone (59%) and tablet (28%). Access social networks using internet enabled TV, game console and handheld music player still relatively low across the regions.

The report shows people in Asia-Pacific is very likely to buy or spend in entertainment (74%), home electronics (75%), travel & leisure (72%), appliances (69%), food / beverages (72%), clothing / fashion (74%), restaurants (69%), beauty / cosmetics (62%), financial products / banking (63%), automobiles (55%) based on social media websites or online product reviews. Thus, social media represents a huge opportunity for brands to gain positive favour with consumers.

The survey involved over 28,000 online users worldwide.

by Terry Brown

Author: Terry KS

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