Tetra Pak’s Trendipedia 2023 Report Reveals Key Consumer Trends and Business Opportunities in the Food and Beverage Industry

Tetra Pak, the global leader in processing and packaging solutions, recently unveiled the highly anticipated findings from its annual report, Trendipedia 2023. This comprehensive global report delves into evolving consumer behaviors, highlighting emerging trends that present exciting opportunities for businesses in the food and beverage sector to leverage.

Embracing Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Recognizing the perpetual evolution of the world and its trends, Tetra Pak champions innovation as the driving force for positive change. With a collaborative approach, the company brings together customers, industry partners, and experts to address the most pressing challenges in the industry. Tetra Pak remains committed to developing breakthrough solutions that shape a more sustainable tomorrow for people around the globe. The insights shared in the Trendipedia report empower customers to enhance their business across various dimensions and drive performance.

Adapting to Post-Pandemic Changes

The post-pandemic era has triggered macro-level transformations, causing disruptions in supply chains, price increases due to inflation, and labor shortages, forcing businesses to recalibrate their operations. In response, consumers have reevaluated their priorities and standards, significantly impacting their spending habits. To attract consumers in this evolving landscape, companies must embrace creativity and innovation to differentiate their products and services.

Report Highlights: Trends in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia

The Trendipedia 2023 report reveals three major trends prevalent in the Southeast Asian region: ‘Flexi-shopping,’ ‘In Control,’ and ‘Eatertainment.’

  1. Flexi-shopping: This trend captures consumers with a flexible mindset, who adapt their spending habits but occasionally indulge, particularly when there are perceived additional health or sustainability benefits. Despite rising inflation, Southeast Asian consumers prioritize health benefits and natural ingredients over price when determining the value of food and beverages. The ready-to-drink (RTD) category stands out as a popular choice, offering convenience, accessibility, and a range of health-conscious options.
  2. In Control: Consumers are utilizing their eating and drinking choices to regain a sense of control in their lives. Whether indulging or moderating their consumption, people are increasingly embracing plant-based options to support healthier lifestyles. The global plant-based beverage category is projected to experience remarkable growth, indicating a growing demand for healthier and sustainable alternatives.
  3. Eatertainment: This trend highlights the desire for entertainment and experimentation within the food community. Consumers, particularly Gen Zs and millennials, seek new flavors, recipes, and trends through social media platforms. Brands should consider leveraging online and entertainment platforms like TikTok, which serve as a source of recipe inspiration and offer opportunities for consumers to share their food experiences.

Unlocking the Potential: Other Notable Trends

The Trendipedia 2023 report also identifies several noteworthy trends under its five thematic categories: ‘Life Hacks,’ ‘Replenish and Repair,’ ‘Climatarianism,’ ‘Green Clarity,’ ‘Un-masking Identities,’ and ‘Evolving Spaces.’ These trends provide valuable insights into consumer preferences and can guide businesses in adapting their strategies to meet evolving demands.

Empowering Businesses with Consumer Insights

Tetra Pak will share the Trendipedia 2023 report with its valued customers, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest consumer trends and shifts. Equipped with these insights, businesses can make informed decisions and embrace innovative approaches that resonate with evolving consumer preferences.

Incorporating the findings from Trendipedia 2023, Tetra Pak is committed to supporting its customers in navigating the changing landscape of the food and beverage industry, unlocking new opportunities, and driving sustainable growth.

25 May 2023

Author: Terry KS

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