Tencent Enhances Payment Experience for Visitors to Mainland China, Expands Weixin Pay Services for Cross-Border Tourism

Tencent introduces measures to enhance payment experience for visitors to mainland China, including streamlined registration and card linking processes on Weixin Pay, increased transaction limits, and partnerships for QR payment interoperability. The initiatives aim to facilitate cross-border tourism and support the growing trend of mobile payments among international visitors.

16 April 2024 – In a bid to promote cross-border tourism and facilitate international cultural exchanges, Tencent has announced a series of measures aimed at enhancing the payment experience for visitors to mainland China. These initiatives, spearheaded by Weixin Pay, streamline the process of registering for a WeChat account, linking international cards, and exploring interoperability with overseas e-wallets.

Overseas users can now register for a WeChat account with an overseas mobile number and easily link eligible international cards to Weixin Pay after downloading or updating the latest version of the WeChat app. This streamlined process enables international visitors to access millions of merchants across mainland China, including small businesses and street vendors, ensuring convenience and safety in transactions.

To cater to users seeking higher transaction limits, Weixin Pay offers an identity verification process, with passport verification taking mere seconds to complete. Verified international users can enjoy increased transaction limits, with the single transaction limit raised to up to US$5,000 and the annual transaction limit raised to up to US$50,000. Additionally, users can apply for and link UnionPay’s Tour Card, a pre-paid card offering top-up and consumption services, through Weixin Pay.

In a bid to provide visitors with diverse payment options, Tencent has partnered with Payments Network Malaysia (PayNet) for Cross-Border QR payment interoperability. This partnership allows users of multiple local wallets in the PayNet system to make payments in mainland China by scanning Weixin Pay QR codes. Furthermore, WeChat Pay HK, Tencent’s HKD e-wallet catering to Hong Kong residents, has expanded its coverage to tens of millions of merchants across mainland China, with increased transaction limits for verified users.

The growing inbound tourism to China has led to a surge in mobile payments by visitors, with Weixin Pay witnessing a significant increase in transaction volume and consumption across various sectors. To assist overseas users in utilizing Weixin Pay, Tencent has launched a dedicated webpage providing comprehensive guidance and resources.

Author: Terry KS

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