Tec D Launches Digital Practice Builder to Empower Channel Partners in Cloud, Security, and Analytics

Tec D, a TD SYNNEX company, has unveiled the launch of its innovative enablement platform, Digital Practice Builder. This platform aims to accelerate the competencies of channel partners in the areas of cloud, security, and analytics. Building upon the success of Tec D’s Centre of Excellence (CoE), the Digital Practice Builder offers a comprehensive end-to-end program that empowers partners to thrive in these next-generation technology sectors.

Recognizing the need for partners to keep pace with the ever-evolving IT landscape, Digital Practice Builder serves as an online learning platform for digital enablement. It encompasses various learning paths, including sales enablement, marketing, services delivery, strategy development, and technical training enablement.

With the introduction of Digital Practice Builder, Tec D will enable the reseller community across the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region to access Microsoft’s revised partner program. This integration opens up a multitude of opportunities for partners to leverage Microsoft Cloud, fostering innovation, scalability, and differentiation in the solutions they offer. Moreover, it supports partners in progressing towards earning a solutions designation.

Sundaresan Kanappan, Vice President High Growth Technologies at Tech Data Asia Pacific & Japan, expressed, “Digital Practice Builder is our latest initiative aimed at empowering channel partners to scale their resources, skills, and investments holistically. By rapidly developing specialization and differentiation, partners can enhance their business growth potential.” Kanappan further emphasized that what sets Digital Practice Builder apart is its emphasis on scalable and convenient learning, which is expected to be a game-changer and a catalyst for channel growth.

To develop Digital Practice Builder, Tec D leveraged the collective expertise of the IT ecosystem, including partners and vendors. The platform is now available to channel partners at no cost, delivering significant value in today’s dynamic technology landscape where next-generation technologies drive innovation and competitiveness.

As Tec D continues to prioritize the growth and success of its channel partners, Digital Practice Builder stands as a testament to their commitment to providing comprehensive resources and support. Through this enablement platform, channel partners can strengthen their capabilities, expand their knowledge, and unlock new business opportunities in the thriving domains of cloud, security, and analytics.

6 June 2023

Author: VSDaily Editor

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