Suncorp Bank Goes Live with Decillion MAPS Upgrade

Feb 5, 2014 (Wed): Decillion Group and Suncorp Bank have announced the successful upgrade of Decillion’s Modular Automated Processing System (MAPS) at Suncorp Bank.

Since 2009, MAPS has been implemented as a messaging middleware that handles two way messages through SWIFT and other multiple system interfaces at Suncorp Bank. MAPS V3 is a significantly more advanced processing environment that will help simplify the current complexity of the existing MAPS V2 environment. The most notable difference between MAPS V2 and MAPS V3 is the graphical nature of the workflow configuration, making it easier to navigate, and making any changes safer and easier to handle.

The added flexibility of the new MAPS V3 processing model will allow for future expansion of MAPS processing. The latest version of MAPS will not only future proof Suncorp Bank against yearly SWIFT Standards Changes, but also provide a more advanced processing platform with possibility of wider application and the reduction of system complexity.

“With MAPS, manual rekeying of FX transactions is no longer necessary and this has improved accuracy and processing turnaround times. In addition, the MAPS system has facilitated a more detailed level of Foreign Exchange reporting to enable product management to analyse the business in a more efficient manner.” commented Karen Mak, Product Specialist, FX & IR at Suncorp Bank.

“We are delighted that Suncorp Bank has chosen Decillion to perform the upgrade of MAPS. The enhancements in V3 will further improve the existing MAPS system and allow for Suncorp Bank to comply with the changing SWIFT standards”, said Joan Catacutan, Country Manager of Decillion Solutions Australia. “Suncorp Bank is a valued customer of Decillion and the successful go-live of the MAPS upgrade is testament to Decillion’s ability to meet their requirements.”

Author: Terry KS

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