Startup Week Malaysia Ignites Entrepreneurial Spirit Nationwide

Startup Week Malaysia, a nationwide initiative fostering entrepreneurship, is set to take place from December 1-9. Spearheaded by a coalition of leading startup organizations, the event aims to unite founders, investors, and community leaders. The week includes educational sessions, keynote speakers, and unique engagements, providing opportunities for networking and mentorship. For more information and participation, visit

27 November 2023 – Startup Week Malaysia, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, is poised to ignite innovation from December 1-9 this year. Spearheaded by a coalition of prominent startup organizations, including Female Founders in Malaysia, Nextupasia, Asia School of Business, and Cradle, known for their substantial contributions to Malaysia’s entrepreneurial landscape, this event is set to become a pivotal moment for startup founders and the ecosystem at large.

Taking place across the nation, from Penang to Johor, extending to Kota Kinabalu and the Klang Valley, Startup Week Malaysia aims to unite aspiring and seasoned founders, angel investors, community leaders, and other influential players in the entrepreneurial arena. As a weeklong celebration dedicated to education, inspiration, and connection, it marks a significant milestone for Malaysia’s startup ecosystem.

Inaugurated in 2023, Startup Week Malaysia is powered by a coalition of organizations at the forefront of nurturing startups and strengthening the entrepreneurial landscape in Malaysia. This initiative provides participants with opportunities to gain insights from industry experts, establish co-founder relationships, and secure mentorship crucial for their startup’s success.

Keynote sessions, such as Startup School, will feature seasoned founders like Richard Ker, sharing insights on “Expanding Your Value Through Storytelling,” Rong Liew demystifying “Building Effective Products,” and Bikesh of 1337 Ventures breaking down the essentials of startup funding.

The event offers unique engagements, including networking sessions led by Female Founders in Malaysia & Southeast Asia, the thrilling “Fundrace” by Digital Penang, the insightful “Bridging the Tech Talent Gap in Malaysia” by Malaysia Pay Gap and 42Malaysia, the invigorating “Hiking with Founders” led by Yeoh Chen Chow, and the interactive “BarCamp Cyberjaya,” among others.

Highlights participants can anticipate include the Startup School on December 4, featuring talks by successful founders like Richard Ker on storytelling and Mike Smith of 1337 Ventures on startup funding. Additional activities include Peer Power: Level-Up & Thrive Together, Pitch@ASB to hone pitching skills, a roundtable discussion on Bridging the Tech Talent Gap in Malaysia, a session by Ah Beng GPT creator Dylan Tan on leveraging AI for marketing, and networking activities like the Start-Up Week Slow Run and Founders Hike.

For a comprehensive lineup and to secure a place in this groundbreaking event, expand your network, and join the nation’s innovators at – ref: TRP

Author: Terry KS

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