Sophos Report Reveals Emergence of ‘Junk Gun’ Ransomware Threat

Sophos’ report reveals the emergence of ‘junk gun’ ransomware variants, marking a shift away from traditional RaaS models towards low-cost, independently produced threats targeting SMBs and individuals.

19 April 2024 – In a recent report titled “‘Junk Gun’ Ransomware: Peashooters Can Still Pack a Punch,” cybersecurity leader Sophos sheds light on a concerning trend in the ransomware landscape. Since June 2023, Sophos X-Ops has uncovered 19 variants of ‘junk gun’ ransomware, representing a shift away from the traditional affiliate-based ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) model. These variants, characterized by their low cost and simplicity, are designed to target small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and individuals, posing a significant challenge for defenders.

Christopher Budd, Director of Threat Research at Sophos, highlighted the evolving nature of ransomware threats, noting that while these variants may not yield million-dollar ransoms, they can still be effective against SMBs. The rise of junk gun ransomware underscores the accessibility of cybercrime and the need for heightened vigilance within the security community to address emerging threats effectively.

Author: Terry KS

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