Shopee’s Strategic Initiatives Propel Malaysian Marketplace Inclusion in 2023

Shopee’s focus on livestreaming and affiliate commerce in 2023 drives marketplace inclusion in Malaysia, with significant engagement on Shopee Live and successful collaborations between affiliates and local sellers. The platform’s commitment to technological advancements sets the stage for further growth and inclusion in the years ahead.

5 December 2023 – Shopee, Southeast Asia & Taiwan’s leading e-commerce platform, has witnessed a substantial surge in marketplace inclusion for local sellers and influencers in Malaysia throughout 2023, driven by the success of livestreaming and affiliate commerce. The platform reported that Malaysians spent over 34 million hours engaging with Shopee Live and interacting with local influencers approximately 3.5 billion times, showcasing the growing impact of hyper-localized e-commerce trends in the region.

In response to the dynamic shift in consumer behavior, Shopee observed that livestream orders accounted for a significant portion (10-40%) of total platform orders for sellers achieving sales exceeding 500 thousand Ringgit this year. Moreover, affiliate-driven orders on Shopee experienced an impressive 420% increase compared to the previous year, with over 20,000 new affiliates joining the platform’s ecosystem.

Shopee’s Shoppable livestreaming feature, seamlessly integrating e-commerce into live sessions, captured the attention of Malaysians across various age groups, resulting in engaging shopping experiences for products ranging from beauty and fashion to groceries, electronics, and automotive gear. Notably, 60% of the top Shopee Live sellers by sales in 2023 were local sellers and brands, such as PHINIX STORE, Momo House, Elgini Apparel, MYDIN, and HABIB.

Local sellers benefited not only from the platform’s innovative features, including polling functions and interactive games but also from collaborations with Malaysian celebrities, such as Elfira Loy, Najiah Hassan, Sherry Alhadad, Syamira Zahar, and Zoey Rahman, adding credibility to their brands.

Shopee Affiliates played a pivotal role, connecting with Malaysian customers, providing genuine product recommendations, and driving traffic. Over the last 12 months, Shopee Affiliates’ customers favored Home and Living products (30%), followed by Health and Beauty (25%) and Mobile and Accessories (25%). Importantly, 70% of the top products purchased through Shopee Affiliate links supported local sellers.

The success of livestreaming and affiliate commerce in 2023 underscores their role as catalysts for marketplace inclusion, shaping the future of e-commerce in Malaysia. As technology advances and consumer preferences evolve, these trends are expected to play an increasingly significant role in fostering growth and inclusion for local players in the digital marketplace.

Author: Terry KS

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