Shopee’s 10.10 Shopee Live Festival Achieves Record 120-Fold Surge in Cart Conversions, Transforming Online Shopping Experience

Shopee’s 10.10 Shopee Live Festival witnessed an impressive 120-fold increase in “Add to Cart” conversions, driven by heightened new user traffic and robust user engagement. The event showcased dynamic features, attracted first-time viewers, and saw a significant surge in Shopee Mall sellers embracing Shopee Live. Notably, fashion and beauty brands capitalized on live commerce, offering a glimpse behind the scenes, while users enthusiastically claimed vouchers, creating a shopping paradise.

16 October 2023 – Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform, achieved a momentous feat during the 10.10 Shopee Live Festival, registering a staggering 120-fold increase in “Add to Cart” conversions. This remarkable achievement was propelled by a surge in new user traffic and extensive user engagement on the peak day. Malaysians enthusiastically participated in fun and interactive live stream sessions, availed live-exclusive vouchers from participating sellers, and engaged in Shopee Live game shows.

The 10.10 Shopee Live Festival witnessed a record-breaking 30 million engagements, underscoring the captivating allure of live streaming. Users were drawn by dynamic features like Flash Vouchers and the Spin 2 Win mini games. A notable 12-fold increase in first-time viewers eagerly tuned in to Shopee Live on 10.10, enticed by the opportunity to secure 90% off vouchers from participating sellers and vie for a chance to win the RM10,000 cash prize during the 8PM Kotak Duit Misteri game show.

An extraordinary 12-fold increase in Shopee Mall sellers adopting Shopee Live was recorded on 10.10 compared to an average normal day in the last quarter. Over 5,000 brands, including Pediasure, TTRacing, and more, offered exclusive deals and discounts on Shopee Live. Jovian, LONKOOM, Maybelline, Mydin, Nestle, Skechers, SKINTIFIC, Swiss Thomas, Zoe Arissa, and Zucca emerged as the top live stream order generators on 10.10, offering shoppers peace of mind with 100% authentic products, a 15-day Return Policy, and an 8x Money Back Guarantee.

Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee Malaysia, expressed his delight, stating, “We are pleased to report a remarkable surge in demand for shoppertainment through Shopee Live. Notable brands took center stage during the 10.10 campaign, and Malaysians tuned in to discover new products, engage with others, and save with exclusive deals. Shopee’s track record in driving conversions is a significant monetizable opportunity for our livestream sellers.”

The 10.10 Shopee Live Festival saw Fashion and Beauty brands leveraging live commerce to provide a captivating behind-the-scenes look at their products. Throughout the day, Malaysian consumers eagerly searched for fashion products and accessories, with blouses, dresses, women’s handbags, women’s shoes, and women’s sandals being the most sought-after items. Plus-size clothing, jewelry, and hijabs also featured prominently among the most ordered fashion products on the peak day.

Shoppers made the most of the festival, claiming over 1.3 million vouchers on Shopee Live, creating a shopper’s paradise for those seeking significant savings on their purchases. Notably, hand sanitizer refill bottles, natural farm-fresh eggs, and Halal sambal topped the list of local Shopee Live orders, reflecting a diverse range of consumer interests.

Kenneth Soh added, “Shopee Live comes with proprietary dynamic tools to create exciting live streams, including the Polling Tool, Auction Tool, Flash Vouchers, and Exclusive Live Streaming Price. Brands and sellers use them to personalize sessions, creating urgency, two-way conversations, and driving higher conversions. The result is unforgettable and highly engaging interactions that resonate with their target audiences.”

Outside of the Klang Valley, regions like Johor Bahru, Kinta, Melaka Tengah, Seremban, and Timur Laut experienced a substantial surge in engagement through Shopee Live, underscoring the platform’s broadening reach and widespread appeal as users explore new horizons in e-commerce.

Author: Terry KS

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