Shopee Singapore Unveils Strategic Initiatives to Empower Retailers and Enhance Online Shopping Experience

Shopee Singapore introduces strategic initiatives to empower retailers, including next-day delivery for selected sellers, enhanced coins cashback programme, preferential shipping rates, and access to MariBank’s business banking suite. The platform also offers 30% vouchers during Shopee Live sessions to engage buyers in real-time and foster an interactive shopping experience.

25 July 2023 – Shopee Singapore, a leading online commerce platform, has launched a series of strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing retailers’ sales performance and providing an enhanced shopping experience for users.

One of the significant initiatives introduced by Shopee is the next-day delivery (NDD) service, which is now available to selected retailers. NDD not only offers users greater certainty on delivery arrangements but also supports buyers’ urgent purchase needs, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

To further incentivize users and boost sales, Shopee has enhanced the coins cashback programme by increasing the value of priority platform vouchers and daily vouchers. Under this programme, buyers can enjoy attractive cashback rewards, encouraging repeat purchases and loyalty towards the platform. Additionally, Shopee offers preferential shipping rates exclusively for local retailers, enabling them to optimize shipping costs and provide competitive pricing to customers.

Sellers on Shopee can also leverage MariBank’s business banking suite to support their business growth. The Mari Business Loan offers sellers a readily available cash line to meet evolving business needs, providing financial flexibility for expansion and operations. In conjunction with this, the Mari Business Account offers sellers an attractive interest rate of 2.5% p.a., without any additional costs or fees to operate their accounts, making it a favorable banking solution for businesses.

In a bid to capitalize on the growing popularity of live streaming, Shopee has introduced an enticing campaign offering 30% vouchers on all products sold on Shopee Live from 8 pm to 11 pm every day. Sellers can now tap into the expanding live stream audience and engage buyers in real-time, fostering a more interactive shopping experience.

Shopee’s initiatives signify a commitment to supporting retailers’ growth and enhancing the overall e-commerce landscape in Singapore. By providing next-day delivery options, cashback incentives, preferential shipping rates, and attractive banking solutions, Shopee aims to drive sales and customer satisfaction, solidifying its position as a preferred online shopping destination in the region. – source: Singapore Business Review

Author: Terry KS

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