Ragnarok Origin Unleashes Highly Anticipated Update, Unveiling Exciting Gameplay and Captivating Content for Malaysian Gamers

Ragnarok Origin, the acclaimed MMORPG by Gravity, is set to release an anticipated update for Malaysian gamers, offering new gameplay experiences, exciting challenges, and captivating content, elevating the gaming journey for players.

KUALA LUMPUR, 5 July 2023 – Ragnarok Origin, the popular MMORPG developed by Gravity, is thrilled to announce an upcoming highly anticipated update that will introduce brand new gameplay and exhilarating content specifically designed for Malaysian gamers. With a focus on enhancing the gaming experience, this update promises to deliver fresh adventures and challenges to the dedicated player base in Malaysia.

Key Features of the Update:

  1. Brand New Gameplay: The update will introduce an entirely new gameplay experience, offering exciting elements to captivate and engage the existing player community in Malaysia.
  2. New Level 90 Content: Players can now advance to Level 90, unlocking a range of exciting features and challenges that will push their skills to the limit. The Level 90 expansion includes new equipment with enhanced abilities, a captivating storyline tailored for Level 90 characters, the challenging Helheim dungeon filled with formidable enemies and valuable rewards, 4-star Extreme Challenges to test players’ skills and endurance, and an additional 50 floors in the Endless Tower for players to conquer.
  3. Nightmare Temple: Experience the thrill of the new Nightmare Temple, featuring five formidable bosses and the opportunity to earn Level 90 Divine Realm equipment.
  4. GvG Castle Siege: The highly anticipated Guild vs. Guild Castle Siege mode from the original game is now available. Guilds can compete for control of five castles, defending their Crystal against attacks by rival guilds. The guild that successfully defends the Crystal for 10 minutes or possesses it at the end of the 60-minute battle claims ownership of the Castle for one week. Castle-owning guilds enjoy special benefits, including access to an exclusive dungeon.
  5. Poring Chest Gameplay: During the 100-day celebration, players can participate in the exciting Poring Poring Go! Go! Go! Event, offering a chance to unlock valuable in-game rewards, including coveted costumes and equipment.

With these new additions, Ragnarok Origin delivers an enthralling gameplay experience filled with enhanced abilities, captivating storylines, challenging dungeons, epic guild battles, and valuable rewards.

Author: Terry KS

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