Peugeot to Integrate ChatGPT for Enhanced Voice Assistance, Unveils Eight-Year Warranty for e-3008 Electric Model

Peugeot, under Stellantis, announces the integration of ChatGPT into its vehicles’ voice assistant system, aiming to enhance user interactions and provide more natural responses to queries. Following the footsteps of Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, Peugeot plans to launch a pilot version of the ChatGPT service in several European countries before making it standard equipment across all models. Additionally, Peugeot introduces an eight-year warranty for its e-3008 model, incentivizing drivers to transition to electric vehicles.

30 January 2024 – Stellantis’ Peugeot brand is set to enhance the voice assistant in its vehicles by incorporating ChatGPT, joining the ranks of automotive competitors like Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz. The move aims to improve user interactions, allowing the voice assistant to seamlessly connect to vehicle controls and address general or navigation-related queries. Peugeot plans to roll out a pilot version of the ChatGPT service in France, Britain, Germany, Italy, and Spain, with the intention of making it standard equipment across all models later this year.

Jerome Micheron, Director of Peugeot’s Product Plan, emphasized the integration of ChatGPT in all Peugeot cars, including the upcoming e-3008 model and small commercial vehicles. The technology is expected to provide more natural responses to user inquiries and enhance the overall driving experience.

Mercedes-Benz initiated a trial in the United States last year, enabling drivers to interact with ChatGPT for various purposes, from destination details to dinner suggestions. Similarly, Volkswagen announced plans to integrate ChatGPT into its voice assistant by mid-year to facilitate interactive dialogue with drivers.

In addition to the ChatGPT integration, Peugeot unveiled a significant enhancement in its offerings by introducing an eight-year warranty for the e-3008 model, a substantial upgrade from the current two-year warranty on its vehicles. This extended warranty period aims to incentivize more drivers to transition to electric vehicles, aligning with the growing trend toward sustainable and eco-friendly transportation.

The ChatGPT-powered voice assistant is poised to become a standard feature, showcasing Peugeot’s commitment to innovation and user-centric advancements in its automotive technology. – ref: Reuters

Author: Terry KS

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