PayPal introduces new APIs and mobile SDK

MALAYSIA: The global online payment service provider PayPal has introduced a mobile SDK for iOS developers to deliver great mobile payment experiences without letting the customers to leave the developer’s app to pay and have more choices to pay such as simply click a PayPal button or scan a credit card using PayPal’s technology. According to PayPal via its blog, they will release mobile SDK for other mobile platforms soon.

PayPal also introduced JavaScript PayPal Buttons which allows developers to integrate PayPal in seconds by simply copying and pasting five lines of code into their website, shopping cart or a QR code.

In addition to their existing APIs, U.S. developers will now have access to new APIs built on modern, standards-based technologies such as REST, OAuth, and JSON. They are beta-launching these modernized versions of their APIs – payments processing and immediate settlement – to make it easier and faster for developers to integrate PayPal into their experiences.

The new APIs also featuring ‘Tokenization’, a feature enable PayPal to tokenize credit cards for developers so can help them to significantly reduce their PCI compliance responsibilities. At the same time, PayPal launched a simple, integrated website – – that gives developers a single location for PayPal sandbox, tools, documentation, and resources they need to build innovative applications.

Author: Terry KS

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