Palo Alto Networks Enhances Cloud-Native Application Security with New CI/CD Module in Prisma Cloud Platform

Palo Alto Networks has introduced the CI/CD Security module to its Prisma Cloud CNAPP platform, aiming to enhance the security of cloud-native applications across their lifecycle. This innovative module integrates seamlessly with existing security features, promotes collaboration between DevOps and security teams, and emphasizes a “shift left” approach to prevent vulnerabilities from reaching production environments.

10 August 2023 – In a bid to fortify the security of cloud-native applications against evolving threats, Palo Alto Networks has unveiled the CI/CD Security module as an integral part of its Prisma Cloud CNAPP platform. This innovative addition serves to consolidate security capabilities and provide an end-to-end protective shield for applications, encompassing code development, deployment, and runtime phases.

The realm of cloud-native applications has witnessed an expanding attack surface, compelling adversaries to exploit vulnerabilities and misconfigurations throughout the application lifecycle. Addressing this challenge, Palo Alto Networks, a renowned leader in cybersecurity solutions, has introduced the CI/CD Security module in its Prisma Cloud CNAPP platform. By integrating seamlessly with existing features such as Secrets Scanning, Software Composition Analysis, and Infrastructure as Code Security, this new module establishes a comprehensive security framework.

Industry experts, including Gartner, have emphasized the importance of securing the software delivery pipeline in parallel with the software itself. Palo Alto Networks’ CI/CD Security module not only aligns with this perspective but also fosters collaboration between DevOps and security teams, culminating in enhanced security outcomes across the application lifecycle.

The significance of the CI/CD Security module lies in its capability to provide visibility within the intricate web of third-party tools used in development environments. This addresses a pressing challenge where security teams struggle to ascertain correct configurations amid numerous applications. With the integration of cutting-edge technology from Cider Security, the module enables the analysis and visualization of individual tools’ interactions, thereby facilitating risk identification and mitigation.

Ankur Shah, Senior Vice President of Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto Networks, highlighted the vital role of visibility in securing CI/CD pipelines. By delivering robust capabilities for securing the CI/CD environment, Prisma Cloud empowers organizations to scrutinize tools, detect their interactions, and proactively remediate potential risks.

Daniel Krivelevich, CTO of Application Security at Prisma Cloud and former co-founder of Cider Security, emphasized the imperative of scanning every code artifact and dependency to prevent insecure code from reaching production. The integration of Cider’s technology with Prisma Cloud fortifies the platform’s ability to ensure that only intended code reaches production environments, minimizing potential threats.

One of the distinctive features of the CI/CD Security module is its “shift left” security approach, which prioritizes threat detection and prevention earlier in the development process. By preventing vulnerabilities from propagating into production environments, organizations can ensure the integrity of their applications throughout their lifecycle.

The testimonial from Nir Rothenberg, Chief Information Security Officer at Rapyd, underscores the impact of Prisma Cloud’s CI/CD Security module. By providing complete visibility into third-party tools, organizations gain confidence in eliminating threats and vulnerabilities from entering production environments, contributing to a higher level of security.

Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud CNAPP platform has now integrated the CI/CD Security module, making it a comprehensive and robust solution for securing cloud-native applications. This module, derived from Cider Security’s advanced capabilities, reflects the company’s commitment to bolstering security efforts in the ever-evolving landscape of cloud-native applications.

Author: Terry KS

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