Oracle Introduces Acme Packet 4600 as New Network Traffic Controls

KUALA LUMPUR, 2 January 2015 (Fri): Oracle Corporation, the world’s leading IT solutions provider, has announced the availability of the Acme Packet 4600, the newest member of its market-leading session border controller (SBC) platform family, which delivers a comprehensive range of network traffic controls for sophisticated communications services such as VoLTE, Rich Communication Services (RCS) and high-definition video calling.

Oracle Communications’ senior vice president and general manager, Bhaskar Gorti shares that Acme Packet 4600 provides a unique combination of modularity and configuration flexibility and enables CSPs to continue operating their current network infrastructure without disruption, while seamlessly integrating new services and capabilities.

“SBCs of this size and type will help both small and large service providers improve quality of experience and reliability, enhance security in new services, and comply with growing government regulations designed to protect consumer interests.”

The new network platform delivers two to four times the capacity of previous-generation midrange systems. It also offers the same software, high availability, and manageability inherent in the Acme Packet platform family, enabling CSPs to implement it without disruption while reducing capital and operational costs.

Infonetics Research’s principal analyst, Diane Myers, also adds, “The increased deployment of services like VoLTE, HD video calling, and RCS have become strong drivers for service provider SBCs. Acme Packet 4600 gives service providers an effective way to expand their network capacity and increase their service offerings.”

The new solution is highly cost-effective, combining advanced capabilities such as encryption and transcoding, as well as 1 gigabit Ethernet (GBE) and 10 GbE interfaces, in a single network interface unit (NIU), significantly reducing rack space and energy consumption, driving cost savings.

Oracle is a leader in the communications platform market, built upon the proven Acme Packet operating software. Acme Packet 4600 is designed to leverage this same technology, providing CSPs with the manageability and reliability the have come to expect from Oracle.

Author: Terry KS

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