Oracle E-Business Suite Introduces New Capabilities for Project Procurement and Information Discovery

August 4, 2014 (Mon): Oracle Corporation, the world’s leading IT solution provider, today releases Oracle Project Procurement to help organizations further improve project performance and profitability.

Part of the Oracle E-Business Suite Project Portfolio Management family of applications, Oracle Project Procurement enables project teams to align and measure project and organizational objectives around procurement planning, decision making and execution throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Oracle’s senior vice president, applications development, Cliff Godwin, shares that functional silos and communication gaps between project management and procurement can increase project risk, create inefficiencies and make a significant impact on the bottom-line of projects.

“Oracle Project Procurement addresses this challenge by enabling project management and procurement to closely collaborate throughout the lifecycle of the project. This not only helps project teams to establish and measure strategic project objectives, but importantly helps improve project procurement planning, decision making and execution.”

By enabling increased collaboration across project teams, Oracle Project Procurement helps ensure projects are delivered according to plan, eliminate sources of waste, reduce project risk and provide visibility into supplier performance metrics.

Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca

Apart from this announcement, Oracle also released four new Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca to help organizations explore operational data in real-time.

  1. Oracle Quality Extensions for Oracle Endeca: Allows quality analysts, shop floor managers and production control personnel to quickly explore and analyze product and process quality data to identify nonconformance sources, investigate root causes and take immediate corrective action
  2. Oracle TeleService Extensions for Oracle Endeca: Enables users to proactively monitor service requests, facilitate timely resolution of customer issues and improve resource planning
  3. Oracle Service Contracts Extensions for Oracle Endeca: Allows users to effectively manage contract renewals and proactively monitor performance metrics and the customer service experience.
  4. Oracle Human Resources Extensions for Oracle Endeca: Provides actionable information in real-time, improves productivity and leverages existing investments.

Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca offer customers a complete data view, key performance metrics, advanced visualizations and instant search results across organizations and flex fields that might not be found using a conventional ERP query interface.

The new Oracle Project Procurement is also included with an in-memory visualization layer that leverages Oracle Endeca Information Discovery that enables faster and better decision making by breaking down functional silos and helping to eliminate the communication gaps that exist between project management and procurement.

Godwin ends, “To succeed in today’s increasingly competitive and fast-paced business environment, speed is everything. The Oracle E-Business Suite Extensions for Oracle Endeca allow organizations to leverage the full power of operational data to quickly discover and act on transactions that require immediate attention. By offering real-time access in an easy-to-digest display, these new extensions enable users to make faster, better informed decisions that drive revenue and reduce costs.”

Author: Terry KS

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