Onfido Acquires Airside Mobile: Revolutionizing Digital Identity Verification

Onfido, a leading global provider of automated identity verification solutions, announced the successful acquisition of Airside Mobile, Inc., a pioneer in private digital identity sharing technology. Airside Mobile has been at the forefront of introducing user-controlled digital identity to the travel industry and has garnered the trust of over 10 million travelers and major U.S. government agencies, including the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Notably, the company’s innovative Airside Digital Identity App has been embraced by the world’s largest airlines to expedite passengers’ journeys through U.S. airports.

By combining Airside’s privacy-centric identity management technology with Onfido’s industry-leading verification capabilities, a new era of a “verify once, use anywhere” world is set to emerge. This paradigm shift will empower customers to manage their own digital identities securely stored on their smartphones, enabling seamless access to various services without the need for repetitive verification processes. The integration of these technologies will redefine the user experience across sectors such as travel, financial services, e-commerce, and internet platforms. Moreover, it will streamline the onboarding process, foster enhanced customer relationships, curtail fraudulent activities, and mitigate the risks associated with handling sensitive data.

The merger of Onfido and Airside signifies a remarkable alliance driven by their shared commitment to simplifying digital identity solutions for individuals. Adam Tsao, the founder of Airside, will assume the role of General Manager, leading the integrated group within Onfido. Mike Tuchen, CEO of Onfido, expressed his enthusiasm about revolutionizing the verification process, highlighting the transformative potential this partnership holds for businesses across industries. The objective is to replicate Airside’s successful approach in the airline industry and apply it to other sectors that require robust customer assurance, including financial services. This collaboration will provide a unified and trusted view of each customer’s identity.

Onfido’s Real Identity Platform, renowned for establishing trust between governments, businesses, and individuals, facilitates seamless onboarding, customer authentication, Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, and fraud prevention. The integration of Airside’s Digital Identity App empowers users by placing their verified digital identities in their hands, securely stored on their devices and easily accessible. This eliminates the need to present physical identity documents or share excessive personal information when accessing services. Instead, users can verify their identities once and selectively share specific details, such as their date of birth for age verification.

Adam Tsao, General Manager for Airside at Onfido, emphasized the transformative potential of the partnership, comparing it to the ease and trust individuals have with online payments. As a result of this collaboration, millions of consumers from over 195 countries will soon be able to leverage their digital identities across Onfido’s extensive network of 900+ business partners, gaining instant access to a wide range of products and services. For instance, travelers who use their digital ID to expedite airport security checks will soon be able to utilize the same digital ID to access rental cars or hotel rooms without waiting in line. Moreover, this comprehensive digital identity, encompassing details such as date of birth, address, and identification numbers, may be utilized to open trading accounts, apply for mortgages, and potentially even vote in the future.

According to Gartner, by 2026, it is projected that 50% of smartphone users will frequently utilize one or more verifiable claims stored in their decentralized identity wallets. With a single user-controlled digital identity spanning multiple products and services, businesses can eliminate the costs associated with maintaining and securing multiple identity profiles. Moreover, they can simplify compliance and regulatory requirements by minimizing the storage and processing of extensive sensitive data.

Airside’s digital identity platform has been certified to the highest international standards for privacy, compliance, and security, including approval by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), FIDO2 (Fast Identity Online), and the Kantara Initiative’s Trust Mark Status List.

The acquisition has been successfully completed, and the Onfido products and services incorporating Airside’s technology will be made available to the public later this year.

For further insights into the joint vision of Onfido and Airside, interested parties can refer to the blogs of Mike Tuchen, CEO of Onfido, and Adam Tsao, Founder of Airside. Additionally, a webinar on June 22 is scheduled to delve deeper into their shared vision and the impact of this partnership.

22 May 2023

Author: Terry KS

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