No More PVC MasterCard in 2028

Mastercard has announced that it plans to remove PVC plastics from its payment cards by 2028. The move is part of the company’s sustainability commitments and aims to increase the accessibility of sustainable card options for consumers. Starting from 1 January 2028, all newly-produced plastic payment cards on Mastercard’s network will be made from sustainable materials, including recycled or bio-sourced plastics such as rPVC, rPET, or PLA1. The cards will be approved through a certification programme, which will be validated by an independent third-party auditor. Since launching its Sustainable Card Programme in 2018, over 330 issuers across 80 countries have transitioned more than 168 million cards across Mastercard’s network to recycled and bio-based materials.

11 April 2023

Author: Terry KS

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