Newly Launched MoneyHero Helps Hong Kongers Save Money

Feb 20, 2014 (Thu): Hong Kongers can now more easily choose the right financial service for them with MoneyHero, Hong Kong’s most comprehensive financial comparison portal. The newly launched website has already made two categories available for comparison to the public. Consumers can now compare the features of over 140 credit cards and dozens of medical insurance plans in Hong Kong on MoneyHero.

Aside from credit cards and medical insurance plans, MoneyHero has plans to help consumers compare deposit accounts, broadband plans, and loans thereby helping consumers find the best deals on these services and save a lot of money. MoneyHero offers consumers a way to easily filter search results on their chosen category so that they can find the service that fits their needs. For the credit cards and medical insurance categories, it’s easy to look for—and find—the credit card with the lowest interest rates or medical plans that allow for low premiums on MoneyHero.

MoneyHero lets consumers compare financial services free-of-charge and consumers get to save time because they don’t need to go to different websites to compare the features of these services. The website wants to help consumers make smarter financial decisions not just by providing them with a way to compare financial services before they sign up for one but also by providing them with resources such as FAQs and guides to help them learn more about these services.

MoneyHero provides a host of benefits to Hong Kongers, and these include:

  • Wide array of financial services and deep level of detail on these services – The site already allows consumers to compare the features of over 140 credit cards and several medical insurance policies available in Hong Kong and more are being added to the database. Not only do consumers get to compare a wide array of services, users also get important information on these services to make decisions that are right for them before they sign up for anything.
  • Free, easy, and convenient – There is absolutely no charge to use MoneyHero’s comparison tool and the website doesn’t add any fees onto the quotes that it delivers to users. The interface of the website was designed to make it easy for users to filter results easily so consumers can find the best financial service that fits their needs and preferences.
  • Independent and objective – MoneyHero provides unbiased information on products and services of the many financial services providers in Hong Kong. As a third-party platform, consumers are provided with an unbiased view of these services so they can make wise financial decisions.

As MoneyHero adds more categories that consumers can compare on the website, MoneyHero will also provide an even more comprehensive range of content that will help consumers educate themselves on how to become financially savvy. Consumers can access FAQs, guides, and news on the website so that consumers learn more about the services that they can compare on MoneyHero.

By giving consumers a way to learn more about financial services in Hong Kong and compare the many services available on the market, MoneyHero helps consumers save time and money when they look for the best financial services in the market.

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Author: Terry KS

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