NetApp and Equinix Redefine Cloud Management with Hybrid Multicloud Solution

NetApp and Equinix have introduced NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal, an innovative as-a-service solution, designed to deliver a true hybrid cloud experience with cost savings and scalability. This strategic collaboration provides a comprehensive stack of compute, networking, and storage infrastructure, with seamless access to major public clouds, catering to businesses’ evolving needs in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

17 October 2023 – NetApp, the renowned global data-centric software company, has joined forces with Equinix, a leading data center provider, to introduce a groundbreaking solution known as NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal. This innovative collaboration is set to redefine the management of data and infrastructure in an ever-evolving cloud-driven business landscape.

NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal offers a transformative as-a-service model through NetApp Keystone®, enabling users to enjoy a true hybrid cloud experience within a single subscription. This groundbreaking approach allows businesses to finely tune their storage capacity and performance, eliminating overprovisioning and delivering significant cost savings, with the added flexibility to scale as business needs evolve.

The solution offers a comprehensive stack of compute, networking, and storage infrastructure, coupled with low-latency interconnection to major public clouds. Customers can choose between a single-tenant or dedicated environment that complies with stringent performance standards, delivers elasticity, and is conveniently bundled, priced, billed, and supported under a unified agreement.

Sandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, and GM of Enterprise Storage at NetApp, emphasized the rapid pace of cloud innovation, which now makes it easier than ever for companies to migrate a wide range of workloads to the hybrid multicloud. NetApp’s commitment to offering high-performance, scalable, and streamlined hybrid multicloud solutions is exemplified through NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal, underscoring the significance of this partnership.

Matthew Swinbourne, CTO of Cloud Architecture at NetApp Asia Pacific, stressed the importance of this enterprise-grade flash as-a-service solution, seamlessly integrated with Equinix Metal. The solution empowers organizations to focus on innovation and critical business tasks by providing a flexible and secure data infrastructure.

Author: Terry KS

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