Myanmar Oriental Bank offers first Western Union service in Myanmar

The Western Union Company, a global leader in payments inked a partnership with Myanmar Oriental Bank, the leading domestic bank three months after countries led by the US, European Union and Australia decided to lift investment and trade bans against Myanmar.

This partnership has made Western Union to become the first global money transfer company operated in Myanmar. Via its authorized agent, Myanmar Oriental Bank, the Myanmar citizens able to receive money from their family and loved ones from around the world by Western Union Money Transfer Services. Over two million Myanmarese are estimated to be employed across Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Japan, Korea, US, Europe and Australia.

The Managing Director and Senior Vice President, Western Union, Asia Pacific, Drina Yue delighted the speed with which Myanmar Oriental Bank and the Myanmar Central Bank facilitating economic change for their people. “We are extremely proud to be linked into Western Union’s impressive global network linking Myanmar to the rest of the world,” said Mya Than, Chairman of Myanmar Oriental Bank.

by Terry Brown

Author: Terry KS

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