MVP Partners with SC Solutions to Harness Space Tech for Sustainable Agriculture and ESG Excellence

Musang Valley Plantation (MVP) has partnered with SC Solutions Inc. to utilize advanced Earth observation (EO) data and analytics for implementing sustainable practices and enhancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. SC Solutions will serve as the exclusive partner for greenhouse gas validation, providing annual reports on plantations’ greenhouse gas absorptions. The collaboration aims to drive sustainable practices in Southeast Asia and modernize the plantation industry through cutting-edge space-based systems and infrastructure.

29 January 2024 – Musang Valley Plantation (MVP), a prominent integrated plantation company in Malaysia, has entered into a strategic collaboration with SC Solutions Inc. (SC Solutions) to leverage advanced Earth observation (EO) data and analytics solutions for driving sustainable practices and bolstering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. SC Solutions will serve as the exclusive partner for greenhouse gas validation and verification, enhancing MVP’s commitment to ESG programs and reinforcing its dedication to sustainable agricultural practices.

Under the terms of the agreement, SC Solutions will collaborate closely with MVP, utilizing the I-Sat platform to assess greenhouse gas absorptions of the plantations over previous years. This partnership aims to provide comprehensive annual reports detailing the outcomes of greenhouse gas storage efforts, offering valuable insights for continuous improvement.

As a proponent of cutting-edge deep technology innovations for a competitive advantage, MVP is resolute in reinventing the agricultural industry. Nelson Neo, co-founder of Musang Valley Plantation, expressed confidence in achieving ESG objectives through SC Solutions’ state-of-the-art intelligence and analytics system. The partnership signifies a commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to drive sustainable practices and environmental responsibility in the plantation sector.

SC Solutions, a pioneer in space-for-Earth applications and EO solutions, brings a wealth of expertise to the collaboration. The company’s comprehensive space tech solutions encompass earth observation satellite imagery analysis, advanced data processing algorithms, and machine learning techniques. This facilitates accurate biomass estimation and validation, aligning with MVP’s focus on environmental sustainability.

Cliff Beek, CEO of SC Solutions, highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating, “We are very excited to be working with MVP to drive sustainable plantation practices in Southeast Asia and address environmental challenges facing the region. We look forward to helping MVP reinvent and modernise the plantation industry in the long term through the transformative power of our space-based systems and infrastructure.”

The transformative power of SC Solutions’ I-Sat platform lies in its ability to convert vast amounts of raw data into actionable insights using advanced machine learning techniques such as deep learning and neural networks. With precision analytics, hyperspectral capabilities, and intuitive visualization techniques, I-Sat enables a profound exploration of Earth’s observational data, making it comprehensible, accessible, and actionable for stakeholders committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Author: Terry KS

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