Malaysian Medical Association Advocates Stricter Regulations for Health Products Sold Online, Citing Concerns Over Unregistered and Prescription Drug Sales

The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) urges strict regulation of health products sold on ecommerce platforms, citing concerns about the availability of unregistered products and the risk of online sales of prescription drugs. MMA calls for accountability from online shopping platforms and emphasizes the need for consumer education to identify genuine health products online.

17 November 2023 – The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) advocates for stringent regulations on ecommerce platforms selling health-related products due to concerns about the widespread availability of unregistered health products online. Dr. Azizan Abdul Aziz, MMA’s president, emphasizes the need for accountability and scrutiny of products delivered directly to consumers, expressing worry about the unregulated advertising of supplements online and the potential sale of prescription drugs from various global sources.

While acknowledging the convenience of online shopping, Dr. Azizan urges authorities and non-governmental organizations to educate consumers on distinguishing genuine products online and calls for efforts to combat the sale of counterfeit or fake health products. Consumers are advised to exercise caution, verify the legitimacy of products, check for hologram stickers, and consult with healthcare professionals before purchasing supplements or medications online. – ref: The Star

Author: Terry KS

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