LOCUS-T Launches Targeted & Local SEO Services

KUALA LUMPUR: Businesses that are planning to create a new website or those who are looking to revamp their existing site now have the opportunity to use a wide range of SEO services offered by LOCUS-T. LOCUS-T is based in Malaysia and offers ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) compliant services including SEO, PPC, Ecommerce and Web Development services. It has worked in collaboration with prominent players like Google (South East Asia) & Yahoo! (South East Asia division). LOCUS-T has been providing consistent web development and internet marketing strategy services for online businesses, helping them enhance their presence globally.

The company has launched targeted and local SEO services, which will allow website owners to improve the quality and quantity of their traffic and spread awareness about their products and services online. Their new and improved SEO services will enable customers to acquire custom solutions that will generate better results for their website in terms of improved traffic and online marketing. Malaysian companies will now be able to target the right kind of traffic and use LOCUS-T’s SEO services to focus better on local demographic.

Customers can benefit immensely from LOCUS-T‘s knowledge and expertise in analyzing market data and its understanding of visitor patterns. The gamut of SEO services offered by LOCUS-T will only help business website owners in improving their sales and boosting their business further. Customers will be able to attain higher rankings for their website on different search engines, which will automatically help them improve traffic.

LOCUS-T’s SEO services are designed to ensure that their customers are able to harness social media tools, techniques and websites and optimize their content and website to yield higher sales and improve traffic quality and quantity.

Customers will also be able to enhance their brand’s presence in the market and spread brand awareness among millions of online users who are looking for content related to their area of business. LOCUS-T’s SEO plus solution will provide customers with a competitive edge over others to get their desired search engine result and rank.

Talking about their advanced SEO services, a spokesperson at LOCUS-T indicated that customers who wish to strengthen their online presence and want to indulge in online marketing aggressively will be able to analyze the local market easily and will also be able to identify keywords that people use while searching for specific content.

Customers will be able to develop a deeper understanding of the local Malaysian market and use their local search analysis to design effective SEO strategies for better and improved internet marketing. In view of the fact that as many as 83% of consumers who lead a digital lifestyle in Malaysia use the internet to make online purchases on a regular basis, it will only be sensible for Malaysia companies to use SEO services to highlight their website. This in turn will help them in improving their sales and ROI (Return on Investment) and design effective advertising and promotional campaigns for focused online marketing.


Author: Terry KS

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