LivingSocial Malaysia Runs Blind Date at Elizabeth Fine Dine, Grand Shanghai

Mar 5, 2014 (Wed): LivingSocial Malaysia held another unique event concept following its success with Zombie Run last year, living up to the brand’s promise to add surprise and delight to everyone’s calendar.

A group of 50 guests including LivingSocial members, local media and bloggers gathered at Elizabeth Fine Dine, Grand Shanghai in Setiawalk last Friday, 28th February over a 6-course dinner while they were blindfolded. The event started at 8pm and attracted a lot of attention from onlookers while the event took place. All guests were also provided with a complimentary return trip to and from the dining venue, provided by Uber Malaysia. “For this unique event, Uber is excited to partner with LivingSocial to provide safe, reliable and affordable limo rides to diners around Klang Valley,” said Alan Jiang, a representative from Uber.

One the main highlights of the evening was a flash mob performance by the Elizabeth Fine Dine, Grand Shanghai team to the tune of traditional 1930’s Chinese music to break the silence among guests who were visibly nervous about what they were about to experience.

Throughout the evening, guests were assisted by experienced wait staff of the restaurant and LivingSocial, and after the first course, everyone looked comfortable eating and drinking despite being blindfolded. During dinner, guests had a chance to take part in a mini quiz by LivingSocial about the dishes that were served. Three lucky winners walked away with Grand Shanghai dining vouchers by correctly answering the ingredients, colour and origin of the dishes served.

“LivingSocial’s brand promise is to add surprise and delight to our members’ calendars. Through unique events like this, we want our members to have experiences that are different from the norm. We will definitely continue to look for new ideas and concepts throughout this year for our LivingSocial Malaysia members,” said Dave Chang, Chief Operating Officer of LivingSocial Malaysia.

JQ Lee, a popular lifestyle blogger who also attended this event said, “Dinner in complete darkness was definitely intimidating yet intriguing, and we never stopped talking about the food and experience even after the event ended!”

Grand Shanghai is built based on the original mid 30’s streets of Shanghai, decorated with wax figures, antique cars and trishaws. Elizabeth Fine Dine opened last year as part of the Grand Shanghai dining establishment. Elizabeth Fine Dine exudes a lavish, sophisticated and elegant atmosphere of how Queen Elizabeth would dine.

“We are happy to have this one of a kind event by LivingSocial Malaysia at Elizabeth Fine Dine, Grand Shanghai. This allows us to share this truly amazing experience with both our customers and LivingSocial members as well as local media and bloggers,” said Teh Eu Juan from the Marketing Division of Grand Shanghai.

Author: Terry KS

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