Jabil Reinforces Commitment to STEM Education with Gold Sponsorship at STEM Showcase 2023

Jabil, a global manufacturing leader, affirms its commitment to promoting STEM education by becoming a gold sponsor of the STEM Showcase 2023 in Penang. With a generous RM30,000 donation and interactive robotic exhibits, Jabil aims to inspire young learners while reinforcing its dedication to bridging the technical gap in the manufacturing industry.

28 August 2023 – Jabil, a renowned global manufacturing company with a workforce spanning over 250,000 employees across 30 countries, proudly announces its gold sponsorship at the esteemed STEM Showcase 2023. With a substantial donation of RM30,000, Jabil is poised to bolster future initiatives geared towards advancing STEM education in Penang.

The STEM Showcase 2023 holds great significance for Jabil, underscoring their unwavering dedication to nurturing the next generation of scientists and innovators. As an industry leader, the company recognizes the pivotal role of STEM education in preparing young minds for an interconnected future. Tan Siew Jin, General Manager of Jabil in Penang, expressed, “Our investment in quality education reflects our commitment to bridging the current technical gap in the manufacturing sector. By participating in the STEM Showcase 2023, we aim to provide invaluable educational opportunities and exposure, igniting a passion for STEM disciplines among young learners.”

Jabil’s deep-rooted support for STEM education extends to various initiatives, including collaboration with the Penang Science Cluster. The company has sponsored educational kits, facilitated student workshops, and engaged in career talks. Notably, Jabil’s participation in the ‘Women In Science’ program and the STEM Showcase earlier this year garnered significant acclaim. The latter featured two interactive robots—a Collaborative Robotic Tic Tac Toe and a Robot Palm simulation with a glove controller—providing hands-on experiences for students and visitors alike.

Upon the conclusion of the STEM Showcase at Han Chiang High School on August 26, Jabil will generously donate these two robots, valued at approximately RM100,000, to Tech Dome Penang. This gesture aims to perpetuate curiosity and exploration among young minds in the realm of automation.

Jabil’s commitment to community welfare is a testament to its corporate culture, epitomized by the Jabil Cares initiative. The company’s Penang site notably stands as one of the most philanthropic entities within the Jabil network. Notably, Jabil’s involvement in the global “One Million Hours of Volunteering” initiative has resulted in a remarkable 4,527 hours of volunteer service since January 2023. With a workforce of around 15,000 employees in Penang, this accomplishment underscores the site’s dedication to social responsibility.

The STEM Showcase 2023 has served as a platform for Jabil to amplify its commitment to fostering STEM education. Through strategic partnerships and steadfast contributions, the company continues to shape the landscape of education and innovation, catalyzing a brighter future for aspiring young minds.

Author: Terry KS

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