INFOGRAPHIC: Dangers While Social Networking

With so many of us using social networking like Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis, cybercrime has quickly adapted to deceive social networkers. This is why installing social network security software has become necessary for all users of social networking sites.

Social networking cybercrime
Cybercriminals use social networking sites, like Twitter or Facebook to distribute malicious code or befriend unsuspecting users to steal their personal information. Follow the five simple steps below to keep yourself protected.

Social networking safely
Protect your online privacy while you use social networking websites such as Twitter, MySpace or Facebook, or professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.

  • Keep the amount of personal information you post to a minimum
  • Only post information or photos that you are happy for anyone to see
  • Be wary of strangers and don’t believe what you see or read
  • Use strong passwords or ideally use a password manager <>
  • Use internet security software and keep it up to date

Other social networking security risks
Stay safe as you network with your friends on sites such as Faceboook and Myspace by avoiding opening any links that come into your e-mail inbox from a social networking site. Even if it is a social networking site that you are a member of, it is far safer to directly log on to that site and check your messages from there rather than click through any links.

Internet fraudsters typically use genuine logos, good business style and may even spoof the header and sent-from of the e-mail to make it look legitimate. But phishing scams are the bait used to try and lure customers into clicking on the link included in the e-mail. The link takes the user directly to the specially constructed site.

By not clicking on links that may be fake, you are one step closer to protecting yourself online. This approach, applied alongside installing internet security, will keep you and your internet accessible devices as safe as possible.

Most social networking sites like Facebook and Bebo have privacy settings. Always check these settings because the default settings for some sites may allow anyone to see your profile. Whenever possible, customize your settings to restrict access to only certain people.

There is always the risk that even private information that is restricted could be exposed, so it really is important that you don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want the public to see. Also, be cautious when deciding which applications (apps) to enable on a social networking site like Facebook or Myspace. Check your settings so you know what information the applications will be able to access – and to make sure you do not unwittingly reveal private information.

Author: Terry KS

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