IBM Collaborates with Adobe to Enhance Marketing Productivity Through AI Tools

IBM partners with Adobe to implement AI tools, resulting in significant productivity improvements for marketing campaigns. The integration enables rapid idea generation and variant creation, leading to faster turnaround times and increased focus on creative tasks for designers.

6 March 2024 – International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has revealed the successful integration of Adobe’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, resulting in significant productivity enhancements during initial testing. This collaboration aims to streamline marketing campaigns by leveraging Adobe’s AI capabilities, which can swiftly generate images from text-based prompts, ultimately reducing design iteration timelines from weeks to mere days.

Billy Seabrook, IBM’s global chief design officer, highlighted the impact of Adobe’s AI tools on the company’s 1,600 designers, enabling rapid idea generation and variant creation for marketing campaigns. With IBM anticipating a tenfold increase in designer productivity, the focus shifts towards enhancing brainstorming and storyboard creation, freeing up time from repetitive design tasks. – ref: Reuters

Author: Terry KS

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