GHL Paving the Way to an Eco-Friendly Payment Future

GHL Systems Berhad introduces digital receipts, a pioneering feature aiming to transform the payment landscape for both businesses and customers. This eco-friendly initiative, part of GHL’s commitment to sustainability, gradually rolls out to merchants, emphasizing the collective responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of traditional paper receipts.

15 January 2024 – In a decisive move towards digital innovation, GHL Systems Berhad (GHL) has officially launched digital receipts, a cutting-edge feature aimed at revolutionizing the payment landscape and empowering merchants to offer a more environmentally friendly shopping experience. This initiative, gradually rolling out to merchants, serves as a collective commitment to reduce the environmental impact associated with conventional paper receipt practices, underscoring the significance of industry-wide collaboration for a sustainable future.

GHL’s digital receipt solution is strategically designed to enhance efficiency, convenience, and sustainability for businesses and customers alike. Customers can seamlessly access digital receipts by scanning a QR code on the terminal screen with their smartphones after completing a payment transaction, eliminating the need for paper records and ensuring swift access to transaction details. Beyond the convenience factor, adopting digital receipts positions businesses as active contributors to reducing their carbon footprint and embracing sustainability practices.

Kevin Lee, CEO of GHL Malaysia, stated, “In alignment with the government’s drive towards digitalization, GHL is committed to playing a pivotal role in transitioning cashless payments into a paperless journey. With the introduction of digital receipts, we aim to shape the future of retail alongside our merchants, fostering environmental responsibility and paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future.”

The digital receipt system not only offers businesses an organized and easily accessible record-keeping system but also enables merchants to view and download transaction receipts and reports instantly through GHL’s merchant portal. Anchored in environmental excellence as one of GHL’s four sustainability pillars, the digital receipt initiative aligns with the company’s dedication to a paperless future. Recognized with The Edge Malaysia 2023 ESG Award for most improved performance, GHL continues its commitment to responsible practices, marking a significant step in its journey towards environmental stewardship.

Author: Terry KS

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