GHL Introduces Mastercard Click to Pay for Seamless and Secure Checkout Experiences

GHL Systems Berhad introduces Mastercard Click to Pay for 2,000 e-commerce merchants, offering swift and secure checkout experiences. The innovative solution, aligning with modern consumer expectations, enhances conversion rates, and integrates seamlessly across card networks.

8 January 2024 – GHL Systems Berhad (GHL), a prominent player in payment solutions, has rolled out Mastercard Click to Pay to empower 2,000 e-commerce merchants. This innovative feature, renowned for its intelligent recognition and enhanced checkout efficiency, ensures consumers swift access to their preferred cards across all devices, eliminating the hassles of manual entry.

Mastercard Click to Pay, designed to elevate conversion rates for merchants while upholding stringent security measures, integrates seamlessly across card networks, adhering to the EMVco industry standard. Functioning as a digital counterpart to the trusted Chip and Pin technology, it caters specifically to the dynamic landscape of e-commerce.

In addition to its robust security features, Mastercard Click to Pay simplifies the online shopping experience by enabling consumers to maintain a single, secure profile encompassing all their payment cards. Accessible across smartphones, tablets, and PCs, users need only keep an eye on the distinctive Click to Pay icon during their online transactions.

Kevin Lee, CEO of GHL Malaysia, remarked, “In today’s digital era, consumers demand simplicity, convenience, and security. Click to Pay empowers merchants to seamlessly meet these expectations, offering a secure and user-friendly payment experience aligned with the modern age. It represents another strategic collaboration enabling our customers to continually enhance payment options.”

Beena Pothen, Country Manager for Malaysia and Brunei at Mastercard, expressed Mastercard’s commitment to providing diverse payment solutions. Mastercard Click to Pay is positioned as a smarter and secure method for online payments, catering to the preferences of today’s digital-first consumers. This solution ensures a consistent, fast, and secure experience without the need for users to enter card credentials or store sensitive information across multiple merchants.

GHL, renowned for its acquiring services and card payment acceptance solutions, seamlessly integrates Click to Pay into its e-commerce gateway services. Notably, TGV Cinemas, a leading Malaysian cinema operator, joins the key merchants adopting Mastercard Click to Pay, enhancing the payment experience for patrons purchasing movie tickets hassle-free through their website. TGV, spanning 39 locations nationwide and boasting over 3 million members in their cinema loyalty program, represents a strategic inclusion in this initiative.

According to Statista, the e-commerce market in Malaysia is poised for robust growth, with an anticipated revenue of USD 8.75 billion (RM 41.89 billion) by 2023 and an annual growth rate of 13.26% projected until 2027.

Author: Terry KS

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