Gamers Take Center Stage in Global Shopping Trends as Industry Projects Soaring Growth

Gamers are actively participating in discount shopping seasons, with 74% considering major sales events crucial for obtaining gaming-related items. The global video games market is projected to reach nearly $390 billion by 2028, underlining the rising popularity of gaming worldwide.

6 January 2024 – In a recent study conducted by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, insights into the shopping habits of gamers have been unveiled. The research indicates that a significant 71% of gamers actively engage in discount shopping seasons, making strategic purchases during major sales events, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday topping the list. This aligns with the projected growth of the global video games market, expected to reach nearly $390 billion by 2028, showcasing the increasing prominence of gaming as a global entertainment medium.

The comprehensive study highlights the passion of gamers for both their gaming setups and the shopping experience, as 74% consider sales events crucial for obtaining games, upgrades, and equipment. Interestingly, a substantial 53% succumb to spontaneous purchases, reflecting the allure of sales even for unplanned acquisitions.

Moreover, the research delves into the payment preferences of gamers, revealing that 57% are comfortable using cryptocurrency for online purchases, with this figure rising to two-thirds among committed gamers dedicating over 21 hours per week to gaming.

To address the security concerns associated with online shopping, Kaspersky offers valuable tips, including manually entering URLs to avoid phishing attempts, using temporary credit cards, and advocating for the use of reliable password managers.

Marina Titova, Vice-President, Consumer Product Marketing at Kaspersky, emphasizes the commitment to enhancing security solutions, with Kaspersky Premium providing a comprehensive suite of features to protect users’ personal data and ensure a secure online shopping experience.

Author: Terry KS

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