Gamers Decide on 10,000 EUR paysafecard Donation to Charity

26 June 2016: paysafecard is using its gaming community connection to support a charity with a 10,000 EUR donation as voted for by gamers. Over the course of six weeks, hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world played enigmaX, the game specifically designed for the campaign. The winner could choose the organisation that would receive the donation provided by paysafecard.

The campaign ran in 40 countries, from Uruguay to New Zealand, from the USA to Australia, and from Austria to Finland. On 17 May 2016 the winner was announced and chose the international medical relief organisation Doctors Without Borders.

Udo Müller, CEO of paysafecard, handed the check in the amount of 10,000 EUR to doctors without borders relationship manager Paulina Bugajski-Hochriegl. Udo Müller commented: “We want to use our strong position in the global gaming scene for a good cause. That’s why we selected recognised institutions that help people in particularly critical situations as possible recipients of the donation. We wanted to leave the final decision of where the donation went up to the winning gamer, and their choice of Doctors Without Borders allows us to make an important contribution to the valuable work that the charity does.”

Author: Terry KS

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