Gamer Breaks Doom Eternal Speedrunning World Record With Kaspersky’s Gaming Mode Switched On

6 August 2020 – The open competition, watched by 196,000 unique viewers, was co-developed by ESA and Kaspersky’s creative agency Beta Alliance. The seven best DOOM Eternal speedrunners in the world faced off, competing for an $8,000 prize pool.

As the name implies, speedrunners need to be quick and optimize everything they do during their gameplay. The same is true for the system and the software they use so that nothing – neither the hardware-demanding game, such as DOOM Eternal, nor the installed security solution – slows down the process or gets in the way of the playthrough.

That’s why Kaspersky has developed Gaming Mode, a mode specifically designed for gaming and gamers, which, when enabled, holds off scans and updates, does not display any notifications and therefore, doesn’t disturb the player or consume much CPU resource.
Xiae, who won the competition and decided to enter with Gaming Mode switched on, comments: “I ran with Kaspersky Gaming Mode on and I broke the world record, it was perfect. It was a cool event.

“If an antivirus solution doesn’t annoy me at all, that’s perfect. If I can’t tell it’s actually doing anything, that’s what I want. So it [Kaspersky Internet Security] did a good job,” he adds.

Andrew Winton, Vice President of Marketing, Kaspersky, said: “This is a very strong validation point for our product because Doom Eternal is a demanding game on PC resources, and with the speed that these top speedrunners are playing at, there’s just no room for glitches or slowdowns. We are honored that Xiae decided to compete with our product’s Gaming Mode enabled and are glad that we justified his trust in us.”

The Gaming Mode feature is available in Kaspersky’s consumer product line, including Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Security Cloud. To learn more about these products visit the official website.

Author: Terry KS

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